Cosmic Treasures coming 9 December 2010


Astronomers Without Borders and the Virtual Telescope Project announce a new online observing event, bringing another unforgettable astronomical experience to participants. Explore the Universe through the Internet, having fun from home while meeting people from around the globe.

The Virtual Telescope uses its advanced technologies and broad international experience to offer a memorable journey across space and time. Galaxies, nebulae and clusters of stars will be some of the many beautiful cosmic jewels you will see in real time, with live commentary by astrophysicist Dr. Gianluca Masi.

Chat with others online during the event, interact with the Dr. Masi in real time, or just watch and listen while exploring the Universe. Experience One People, One Sky as we share the sky together.

Cosmic Treasures is free! All you need is an Internet connection.

Join in on 9 December 2010 beginning at 22:00 Universal Time. Just go to to take part in Cosmic Treasures.

Find your local time for this event here.

NEW The Cosmic Treasures video trailer has been released. Click to view it below.