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  • AWB Statement about Afghanistan Crisis

    Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) is deeply concerned by the situation in
    Afghanistan. This concern is first and foremost for the people of
    Afghanistan, particularly those groups that are most vulnerable, including
    women and children. The current crisis has generated a great deal of
    uncertainty and worry for many in our extended AWB community.

    We join the global call for safeguarding and respecting human rights of all

    those in Afghanistan and around the world. As a leading voice of
    astronomy enthusiasts, educators and scientists in the global astronomical
    community, AWB puts particular emphasis on the right to education and
    access to information, freedom of opinion and expression that is inclusive
    and without discrimination due to gender, ethnicity, religion or political

    For anyone experiencing distress, or being impacted by current events in
    Afghanistan, AWB suggests you reach out to the following organizations
    who have ongoing operations in Afghanistan and the region:

    U.S. State Department - Special Immigrant Visas -

    UNICEF via online email form at

    International Rescue Committee

    Women for Afghan Women
  • Have You Taken the Amateur Astronomy Survey ?

    AWB's long-standing partner organization, The Night Sky Network is asking our global AWB community for help in completing a short survey about the state of amateur astronomy in 2021.   NSN has been supporting astronomy clubs since 2004 with resources, club management tools, and monthly webinars with NASA scientists. NASA values amateur astronomer’s incredible dedication to public engagement in their communities and wants to understand how to better serve astronomy clubs’ needs. 
    Take a few minutes to let NSN know how you enjoy the hobby and what you'd like to see from the Night Sky Network!

    Survey closes Sept 15.

    Please share widely: https://bit.ly/astrosurvey2021
  • Our OneSky Telescopes Are Back in Stock

    We are pleased to announce that we have our legendary OneSky telescope available for order and shipment within the USA. This table-top 5 inch dobsonian is the perfect family friendly scope to explore the night sky, and is ranked as one of the best inexpensive telescopes on the market.  
    And what makes it even better, with every purchase, proceeds directly help support non-profit AWB and all the good work we do around the globe. Also a big thanks to Celestron's generous support in helping make this happen.

    Grab yours today before the holiday season rush.

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