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  • Solstice Photo Campaign Begins !

    We want to see your sunrise/sunset photos!

    Join us in celebrating the June Solstice by getting 
    outside and taking a photo of either your sunrise or sunset and share it with us and the world. You can use your smartphone or camera, and we have set up three easy ways you can share your photos which will be posted to our AWB Instagram gallery

    This free global campaign is open to the public and runs from June 16th through June 23rd, and with enough submissions from around the world, we will create a beautiful photomosaic using your photos. We hope to make a free downloadable version available,  as well as a few store items that will help us raise funds to support AWB's work around the world.

     Go visit our Solstice Photo Campaign page for all the details

    We can't wait to see your photos!

  • Ring of Fire Eclipse Facebook Live

    Join AWB and its partners Chimu Adventures and timeanddate.com for a livestream of the June 10, 2021 annular solar eclipse. AWB will be featuring live feeds of the eclipse as it appears in various locations across the world.
    We'll also have a sneak peek at the an adventure voyage to Antarctica to see the the next total solar eclipse in December 2021.
  • AWB Donates STEMed Books to Children in LatinX Communities

    AWB is proud to announce the donation of 670 copies of the Spanish version of the Max Science Adventure series of books on space exploration that will go into the hands of  children living in underserved #LatinX communities in Los Angeles, California! It is estimated that in these communities only 1 in 300 children owns a book.

    A big thank you to author & long-time AWB supporter Jeff Bennett for donating his books, and to LA based astronomy outreach specialist Giovanni Somoza for helping make this happen!

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