by Olayinka Fagbemiro

1293840343997Since inception in October, 2013, the AWB has really made great impact in Nigeria. Starting with the partial solar eclipse of November 3rd, 2013. The AWB presence has been felt in so many parts of the country.

During the partial solar eclipse witnessed in Nigeria on 3rd November, 2013, the AWB gave a donation of 500 solar filter glasses which was distributed among school kids across Nigeria. The AWB team organized an event that had over 800 school kids in attendance. The event was covered live by the 3 biggest electronic media outfits in the country and was widely reported by about 7 different print media.


2013-10-31 14.31.31

The AWB team has been involved in so many Astronomy Outreach activities. The AWB has been to over 10 schools in 2014. The team visits schools and teach kids and teachers about astronomy. So far, 300 school kids and about 50 teachers have been reached in the space of 3 months.

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Each school visit involved the AWB putting up powerpoint presentations on different space and astronomy related topics and carrying out hands-on activities to drive home some of the salient points discussed.

Astronomy media advocacy is another activity embarked upon by AWB in Nigeria. The team has granted interviews to both print and electronic media at different times, trying to reach out to the larger populace.

We also go to religious gatherings and on the streets of rural areas to speak to young people and school kids about astronomy.


OlayinkaFOlayinka Fagbemiro has seven years experience carrying out space and astronomy education outreach activities to school kids with emphasis on rural kids as a scientific officer with the National Space Research and development Agency (NASRDA), Abuja, Nigeria. With extreme passion for impacting kids and stimulating their interest in Astronomy, she goes from school to school, teaching kids and teachers as well. Olayinka is the National coordinator for Astronomer Without Borders  (AWB) and Universe Awareness (UNAWE), two international organizations with focus on inspiring kids through Astronomy. She inspires kids through Astronomy in various ways, including establishing space clubs in schools and carrying out hands-on activities as well as training teachers to be able to teach astronomy to kids. Olayinka has so far reached out to thousands of kids across Nigeria since 2008, also mentoring a number of undergraduates who are studying in different universities across Nigeria.


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