by Fiorella Terenzi, Italy

Fiorella jewellery In 2003 Dr. Terenzi debut two original collections she designed of stellar jewelries for "ShopNBC" called "GemAllure" in white gold with diamonds and blue zaffire and for "QVC Japan" called "Stellare" in silver, in which each jewelers resemble shapes, color and symmetries of the celestial objects she observed in the night sky.

"The jewelry you hold is timeless and eternal. The beauty of our cosmos is held within each piece.
May the brilliance, radiance and wisdom of the Sun, Earth and Moon be with you, and may you always be reminded of your own eternal star-light."

The synergy between these three kinds of celestial objects is one of the primary miracles of the entire Universe. We on Earth are in the thrall of our great shining star, the Sun; we are eternally dependent on it for our energy, for all the life that blooms and swims and walks on our surface. But it is also true that this life could never arise on a burning object, not on any star or on the Moon. Not a single life-building molecule could survive on the Sun with its surface temperature of 9000 degrees or on the Moon with the lack of atmosphere. The miracle of organic life requires us, the Earth,our cool, unkindly surface, our fertile, incubating waters, our steady, ever-dependable circuit neither too dangerously close nor too dangerously far from the burning Sun. For me, the lesson here is simple, though nonetheless always important for me to be reminded of: Every role is equally important. We are all in the same game and we are all dependent on one another, like the “Sun, Earth & Moon”.

Fiorella SN229
Design SN229 on the geometric shape of the 1987 SUPERNOVA, a big mass star exploded in 1987, freeing such an energy that is still brightening the Universe around. This same energy  which I hope will transmit to everyone wearing this jewel or at least may this jewel remind of the immense energy which we all carry within us. 
Fiorella SN225
Jewel SN225 is based on the Felix NEBULA. In the Hubble Space Telescope image, you will be able to observe this double spiral symmetry. 
 Fiorella SN226 Jewel SN226 is based on the spiral Galaxy Whirlpool which has captured a smaller galaxy and together they are connected like in a cosmic embrace.


Fiorella SB323-horz 
 Fiorella SE684-horz
 Fiorella SP652-horz




Dr. Fiorella Terenzi is an Italian-born astrophysicist and composer currently based in the United States. Terenzi is the AWB "Astro-Artist of the Month" for January 2013.



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