Artist Yoshiyuki Koinuma, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, works with painting, drawing and collage.  His work—which he says is influenced by computer games, biology, science fiction, and Japanese comics—invites spectators to “enjoy themselves, evoking their surreal imagination, made of fantasy worlds and outer space.”

Yoshiyuki Koinuma

Yoshiyuki became interested in astronomy and science fiction as a young child, watching a Japanese sci-fi TV drama called Ultraman.  After learning that Ultraman came from Galaxy M78 to save Earth from an alien invasion, he asked his mother where M78 is.  She responded by giving him some books about the Universe and the Galaxy—after which he began to sense that we are living on a planet, and that there are likely many other planets in the Universe.  Other early influences included the animation Galaxy Express 999 and the movie Star Wars.

In 2010 he traveled to Egypt, and saw the amazing Milky Way from the desert there.  “That was a beautiful experience in my life, and it reminded me that I had always been interested in the beautiful sky,” he recalls.  “I always look up at the sky to see the stars and to feel that I’m connected to the Universe.”



- A interview with Yoshiyuki Koinuma at Theaterwerkplaats Werklicht in Rotterdam.

- Yoshiyuki Koinuma website.

- Gallery Hommes.



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