by Jean Constant

Jean Constant WrenWren’s calling

In homage to C.Wren, architect, mathematician and astronomer.

Tech data - A) Mars -  Exposure of North Polar layered deposits (PSP_009683_2670) Lat: 86.9° Long: 300.9°. B) Maths - Spherical cycloid. It was studied and named by Galileo in 1599. He found the area of the surface by weighing pieces of metal cut into the shape of the cycloid.



Jean Constant GorgonThe Gorgon lair

This HiRISE image covers the southwest portion of the terraces and floor of Holden Crater situated in southwest Margaritifer Terra. Mythical landscape create mythical images.

Tech data - A) Mars - Holden Crater megabreccia (PSP_001666_1530) Lat: 26.8° Long: 325.3°. B) Maths - Variation on the genus 2 knot possible mutation.



Jean Constant SandSand dollars

Impact craters indicate the past presence of water or ice. When there is water, there is life; when there is life, there is trade; when there is trade, there is coinage.

Tech data - A) Mars - Distal rampart of crater in Chryse Planitia (ESP_014417_1975) Lat: 17.2° Long: 311.6°. B) Maths - Trefoil and cinquefoil knots. The trefoil is fundamental to the study of mathematical knot theory because it is the simplest possible knot. The cinquefoil knot, also known as Solomon’s seal knot or pentafoil knot, is one of two knots with crossing number five.



Jean Constant basketry

012 Ancient basketry

This crater is located in the Southern hemisphere where it was winter at the time this image was taken. The odd color and shape seem fitting for basketry-like patterns display.

Tech data - A) Mars - Winter View of dunes (PSP_001558_1325) Lat: -47.2° Long: 33.9°.  B) Maths - Spherical cycloid. A cycloid is a curve generated by a curve rolling on another curve.



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