CRAB NEBULA – M-1 The Hubble image evoked a picture of a pond with vegetation around the bank. If one would walk into it, the vegetation would wrap around your legs. I used a blue synthetic fabric that is cool to the touch for the water and moss for the nebulous gases. The wooden moss was used for the harder edges of brown gases while the softer green moss was used in the green sections. There was a moss that is white had has the feel of netting. All are glued on a thick piece of pressboard.


ORION NEBULA – M-42 The Hubble image of this Messier Object reminded me of a strapless prom dress. Bottom of Dress: The burgundy organza is only tacked at the edges and has a netting underneath to show the flowing property of gases. The bulk of the dress bottom is made of burgundy organza with twisted and knotted tule to feature dark nebulous gases. There are stars on the bottom of the dress along with a foam image of the witch head nebula. Beads are used for the background as well as in the fabric gases.

Waist: At the waist is white tule and black netting twisted and flared. The eye catching waist design has a white stellar design known as theTrapezium. Those stars are pearl beads.

Bodice: Has gases on the sides twisted with the top of soft, flowing, pink chiffon. All are glued on a thick piece of pressboard.


PLEIADES – M – 45 This Hubble image of the Seven Sisters had such beautiful nebulosity around the stars that reminded me of a diamond sitting on an airy pillow. Turquoise netting was placed down first to replicate the mist between the stars. Then each star had a piece of quilting batting glued and based on size of star – a pearl bead was glued in place. The finger tips will be surprised to go from a rough netting mist, to fluffy clouds and a hidden bright shinny bead.


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