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Inside the Cosmic Womb

My newest painting, 80x80 cm, oil on canvas, finished 14 Dec 2014:


Before and after:


Start-up with a sketch on paper, followed by painting the canvas black with 1 acrylic layer and 1 oil layer. After that, a template for the baby is created, which is put on the canvas. Then, the soft sketching part starts around it with white and shallow colours, using the fingers and dry brushes. The layers usually take a minimum of 5 days to dry in order to continue painting. This is necessary for creating the 3D nebula effect.



The part without the baby, final result:

Inside the Cosmic Womb

Before birth, babies float in their mother’s womb. Like little astronauts connected to their mother space ship, they are starting on their journey. A little bit spacey, yet manifesting a connection with the elements of earth. The beings are slowly entering the material world, materializing or coming into manifestation. 

Barbara sees a womb as a sacred space for creativity. Not only because new life manifests in there, but because something is built up there every month. The womb of a female body holds the energies to build up life, again and again. It builds up all the basic circumstances, necessary for a new being to start manifesting in there. Even if you are not fertile anymore, the basic creative imprint is still there. 

As above, so below… (and the other way around). Just like in an organic womb, where male and female energies can meet to create something new: in a space nebula, which holds billions of rich dust particles and hot energies, new stars are born. Certain particles attract each other because of their electromagnetic field. Their mass and other qualities decide the character of their electromagnetic fields. The particles that really ‘like’ each other, ‘fall’ into each other. This creates a very dense, highly pressured situation with nuclear reactions… Voila: a new star is born. A new cosmic being in space ☺.

Pictures below: both look a bit like a nebula and a womb, don’t they? 

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