By Umema Bohari, Pune, India



Last night was a beautiful memory,
Under the huge, magnificent, dark canopy;
Stars gleaming bright, bats fluttering by,
I could just marvel, till I fell, all droopy.

Northward I looked; I saw a glittering star,
The one which down the ages, guided shipmen afar;
In a loyal company of the Bear and a haughty lady,
Encircling nightlong, the bluish Pole Star!

A little to the right, I saw a beautiful, chained lady,
Hanging on for her life, on a flying white horse;
Protected from the sea-nymphs, by fish and a ram,
Her valiant rescuer by her side, whose eyes shone in remorse!

A little up to my left, a man struggling with snakes,
Whose valour went down the history, the mighty son of Zeus;
Along him two longing lovers, separated by the Milky River,
Now cringing at their fate, as then, it was theirs to choose!

Setting along the South-Western horizon,
Is a scorpion with its reddish, loathsome heart;
Followed by Sagittarius, Copernicus comes in row,
Going down the veils is the sky’s most beautiful part!

The night seems long, the legends it unfolds numerous,
For each single star portrays its own mystic lore;
Watching them I learn, watching them I grow,
Hidden deep within the cosmos lays life’s eternal mystery, for sure..!!


From Pune, India, author Umema Bohari writes:  “I am a student currently pursuing my B. Tech Mechanical from College of Engineering, Pune.  An avid astronomy fan, I also compose poems and write for the college newsletter. Just out of my amateur skills at composing, I stumbled upon composing this poem.  It’s my pleasure to share this with you.  I am a regular viewer of the blog and love it a lot, especially the poems with visuals!”


Image credit: Urania's Muse at en.wikipedia


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