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Scope of the Organization
Astronomical Research Institute of Sri Lanka is functioned under Celestia Group. We are the most qualified and most experienced Astronomical institute in Sri Lanka. We have the most competent team members and strongest astronomical community in Sri Lanka. We provide data analysis and research opportunities for our members and network, combining with leading international research institutes. We organize best astronomical training programmes, night camps, workshops, stargazing events, public outreach programmes and any technical or enthusiastic sessions related to Astronomy with maximum productivity to develop astronomical knowledge of Sri Lankans. We plan and organize astronomy related events under the guidance, sponsorship and endorsement of international astronomical organizations. We make partnerships and dealerships with leading international astronomical instrumentation companies to distribute best quality astronomical instruments throughout the country. Our team is committed for the continual improvement of Astronomy and Space science sectors in Sri Lanka by making young astronomers, required for the development of Science and technology fields in the Nation.
Vision of the Organization
To enrich Sri Lankan young generation with Astronomical knowledge to make young astronomers required for the development of Science and Technology fields in Sri Lanka.
Management Committee
President : Mr. Eranga Jayashantha
Secretory : Mr. Yasith Ramawickrama
Treasurer : Mr. Amila Karunarathne
Chief Organizer : Dr. Sithum Gunaratne
Event Coordinator : Mr. Pulasthi Kanaththage
Research Coordinator : Mr. Sankha Karunasekara
Legal Officer : Mr. Harshana Jayaratne
Editor : Mr. Harsha Premachandra
Team Members
Mrs. Sama Mayadunne
Ms. Vishwa Jeewanthi
Quality Policy of the Organization
We are the Number 1 astronomical research institute in Sri Lanka which bears the largest astronomy related community in Sri Lanka. We organize events and provide opportunities for Sri Lankan students to engage with projects of our international affiliated organizations. We are expected to be the largest astronomical organization in the south Asian region by 15 years. We have a qualified and experienced team and they are updating with new knowledge and technology. All the team members are committed to provide high quality service to the nation and continually improve the effectiveness of our services.
Our Strengths 1. Strongest astronomical network 2. Competence of team members (Qualifications, Experience, Skills & Training) 3. Team work 4. Technology and Instruments 5. Partners and their cooperate and strategic plans 6. Quality of vendors and service providers.
Our Values 1. Innovation 2. Diversity and Equality 3. Trustworthiness 4. Cooperate Social Responsibility
Our Services and Activities
1. All Sri Lanka Asteroid Searching Campaign (ASASC)
§ Official affiliated organizer for International Astronomical Search Collaboration Texas, USA.
2. Activities planned to hold at Mount K Adventure Resort, Ratnapura
I. Sri Lanka School for Young Astronomers (SSYA)
II. Sri Lanka School for Junior Astronomers (SSJA)
III. Sri Lanka School for Advanced Astronomical Studies (SSAAS)
IV. Sri Lanka School for Astrophotography
V. “A Billion Star Resort” Stargazing events for guests
VI. “Stellar Navigator” Night-timeAdventure activities engaged with Astronomy
VII. Mount K resort Astronomical Observatory (a long term plan)
3. Conducting high quality, professional night sky observation camps, and Astronomical workshops and training programmes at schools, universities and institutes.
4. Conducting special Astronomy lectures and training classes for national level Olympiad competition.
5. Conducting astronomy related enthusiastic stargazing events for guests in institutes, hotels and resorts.
6. Expose Sri Lankan students for Astronomy related research projects in reputed international organizations and communities. Eg:
§ Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC-UN)
§ International Astronomical Search Collaboration, Texas USA.
§ Astronomers Without Boarders
§ American Association of Variable Stars Observers (AAVSO)

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Mar 11

Night Camp and Workshop at Ambilipitiya President's College

ඇඹිලිපිටිය ජනාධිපති විද්‍යාලිය තාරකා විද්‍යා සංගමයේ ආරාධනය පරිදී Astronomical Research institute of Sri Lanka ආයතනය මූලිකත්වයෙන්, ආනන්ද විද්‍යාලිය තාරකා විද්‍යා සංගමයේ , ආදී ආනන්දීය තාරකා විද්‍යා සංගමයේ හා Star party...

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