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Jan 26

Super Eclipse da Lua no Perigeu

Gunstar team opens the door of its headquarters in Goiania for an evening of astronomy and friendship with more than 7 telescopes for the great public to observe the Eclipse of the Moon. Approximately 45 people passed through the headquarters from the beginning to the end of the event, because it is on an exotic schedule and close to a Monday the public was reduced by the obligations that most people have by Monday morning. Despite this we considered the event a success, fear of the weather closing, the schedule and the Monday could not undermine the event. the Record... Read More...

Jan 26

Expoastronómica 2019

The fifth edition of "Expoastronómica" will contain a novel activity scheme where various sectors will be found to show the public the informative, institutional and business offer related to astronomy and the aerospace career. You sign up? click on the link for more information ... Read More...

Jan 24

AWB Spain 2019

2019 is very strong, the Centennial of the International Astronomical Union and the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the human being on the Moon. But there's more, look what we have planned ... February 11th. International Day of women and the girl in science. March 24, Earth Hour Around April 21, International Dark Sky Week and the International Day of Astronomy April 12, Yuri's Night May 16, International Day of Light June 30, Asteroid Day August 11-13, Perseids September 28, Day of the researchers October 4-10, World Space Week October 5, InOMN November, Week of the astronomical disclosure of... Read More...

Jan 23

Astronomy Education with Puerto Rico

Hello. I'm a recently retired physics & astronomy teacher. In August, I contacted my colleague Armando Caussade, president-emeritus of the Puerto Rico Astronomy Society (PRAS). We've both been to the South Pole to work on the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, but I hadn't heard from him in some time. "How's things there after Hurricane María?" I asked. "Not so great, but better," was the reply. After a number of conversations, Armando & I decided that perhaps the time was right to start a nonprofit, Astronomy Education with Puerto Rico (AEwPR) that could work in the mainland United States to raise significant... Read More...

Jan 23

Astronomy Education with Puerto Rico

Hello. I'm a recently retired physics & astronomy teacher. In August, I contacted my colleague Armando Caussade, president-emeritus of the Puerto Rico Astronomy Society (PRAS). We've both been to the South Pole to work on the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, but I hadn't heard from him in some time. "How's things there after Hurricane María?" I asked. "Not so great, but better," was the reply. After a number of conversations, Armando & I decided that perhaps the time was right to start a nonprofit, Astronomy Education with Puerto Rico (AEwPR) that could work in the mainland United States to raise significant... Read More...

Jan 19

2 Astro Guests for moon

Pastor & Mrs Parker watching with me the moon 3 evenings before lunar eclipse Read More...

Jan 17


Every 15th of the month, except in April, AWB is organizing a small quiz featuring 10 questions on a selected astronomical subject. On January 15th, 2019, the 29th quiz took place, the theme of the day was: "Venus". We had 59 participants, each of whom got a free e-book on astronomy. Those who had all 10 answers correct, received an e-bookand a gold certificate. . Read More...

Jan 08

The Largest Astronomical Competition in Sri Lanka - Star party 2019, Organizes for 15th consecutive year.

Star Party 2019, kandy , Sri Lanka Largest all island astronomical observation competition and workshop for high school students in Sri Lanka. Annually organized since 2004 by Anandian Astronomical Association and Astronomy Society of Mahamaya Girls's college kandy under the supervision of star party academic committee. In this year It is organized for 15th consecutive year. Last year participation 83 teams comprising 5 members for competition and more than 300 participants for the workshop and about 75 participants for Astrophotography competition with total 1000 participants from all regions of Sri Lanka Official website About Star Party The year 2004... Read More...

Jan 05

Comet Not possible, But Great Orion neb. & Pleiades

Due to Power Failure of ngc max, Optical aiming of these 2 objects were possible at the church. After Longlasting clouds. Read More...

Jan 02

Jornadas de Astroturismo y Areas Naturales Protegidas

Días atrás, tuvimos el enorme privilegio de ser participes, y uno de los Coordinadores en las primeras jornadas de Astroturismo y Aéreas Naturales Protegidas, denominadas “Un Cielo Guaraní para contar” Pero, que implico en si las jornadas? Mas allá, del título en si, fue mas bien un desafío de situar a los involucrados del sector, que comprendía en toda su magnitud. No es solo mirar a través de un telescopio en una reserva, sino todo el proceso que conlleva y que resultados trae consigo. Claudio Bertonatti, dijo: “es un paso de hoja, un momento bisagra” dado que, desde el objetivo... Read More...

Jan 02

UAE Astronomy Group Astrophotography Contest

The UAE Astronomy Group is announcing its first ever astrophotgraphy contest for all facebook page members in line with the rules shown in the graphic. It is an open category contest, and winning photos will be selected by the group's executive committee to be displayed in a travelling exhibition at UAE Schools in the months of February & March 2019. All photos have to have been taken in the UAE, and each person can submit up to 5 photos for consideration. For questions on this program and its goals, please contact the UAE Astronomy Group at - [email protected] or contact... Read More...

Jan 01

407 Malaysian kids learn about Mars in Malaysia “Insight Mars landing” Junior Space Camp

(Photo : We learn about our home before we explore Mars) Kuala Lumpur 2018, Numbers of 407 Malaysia kids has been exposed with Nasa Insight Mars landing event end of November in 2018. The objective of the program is exposed our kids with planet Mars Planet and human exploration. The event has been organized into 2 phase, Pre and posts landing. The pre-landing event participated by 122 kids divided into 2 session day after another. During the pre-session, participant learns details and explore planet Mars. They also have been taught about insight mission and what they can expect during the... Read More...

Dec 30

Aprendiendo sobre el planeta Marte desde el Valle de Elqui en Chile

Durante 2018 aprendimos sobre el planeta Marte en diferentes eventos: - observación nocturna con los niños de la Academia de Astronomía del colegio Leonardo da Vinci de Vicuña, Valle de Elqui en Chile. - asistimos, con los niños de la Academia de Astronomía, a la conferencia "Marte, la próxima frontera", ofrecida por el astrónomo José Maza Sancho. - participamos en Feria de las ciencias y expusimos nuestro sistema solar a escala con los niños de la Academia de Astronomía. Read More...

Dec 30

Messier 13 and 2 Galaxies

Many times, we feel that what is on our planet Earth is all the absolute, until we discover the universe by our own effort, I present our capture of the Globular Cluster M13 in the Constellation of Hercules, which is approximately 25,100 light years away. You can identify the blue and yellow stars in the globular cluster It is wonderful to see them in a single photo It is curious to know that our favorite astronomer and communicator Carl Sagan sent a symbolic signal to this globular cluster from the Arecibo Radio Telescope In Puerto Rico for 1974 to commemorate... Read More...

Dec 23

“400 Year Anniversary of 3rd Kepler LAW“ - this year's last presentation

The Austrian Academy of Sciences invited to honour Johannes Kepler on 18 th Dezember 2018 during a symposium titled “Johannes Kepler and the Red Planet“. Left the programm-cover and right the wonderful old building, the home of The Austrian Academy of Sciences. So this was an officially good opportunity to close the “400 Year Anniversary of 3 rd Kepler LAW“ – from my point of view: the most overslept anniversary ever. More about this later *) Erich Meyer presented again, as so often during this year, the work and life of Johannes Kepler and the date of Kepler's great dedection... Read More...

Dec 22

Whatsapp astronomy group in french

Our association of amateur astronomers (Societe Haitienne d'Astronomie) has opened a Whatsapp forum to discuss and share astronomy data and news. We would like to invite french speaking astronomers to interact with us and help us learning more and even help up having better strategies for a better astronomy develipmen in our country. Interested person could reach our Whatsapp group here . This link is fonctionning now....but sometimes for security reason, we could be forced to revoque it and change it. If it happens that you could not reach the group and still want to communicate with us about... Read More...

Dec 19

Pacman Nebula by Prof. Daniel Bertesteanu, Bucharest Astroclub, Romania

At 9,200 light years from us, in the Perseus arm of our Galaxy, there is NGC 281, an emission nebulae that can be seen in the direction of the constellation Cassiopeia. Due to the likeness of a character in some video games, it is also known as the Pacman Nebula. Inside, a group of young blue and super hot stars clusters are forming the open-swarm named IC 1590. The intense pressure and radiation ionizing the entire nebula, "sculpting" and spreading the gas and dust near it, to the periphery until to 40 light-years away, is forming radial columns and compact... Read More...

Dec 07

Discovery Report from International Astronomical Search Collaboration

I'm so proud to announce that our team in Afaghrahbar Azarbayjan institute, from the October 2018 campaign of IASC, has discovered 2 asteroids attained provisional status. In the first step, we found 35 asteroids as preliminary discovery and finally 2 asteroids attained provisional status. Our team members: Miss. Sara Seyed hatami (team leader) Mr. Morteza Naderifard Miss. Sareh Vahedi A preliminary discovery is the first, original observation of new asteroid. The asteroid must be observed a second time within the next 7-10 days. If it is, then the discovery is changed to provisional status by the Minor Planet Center (MPC).... Read More...

Dec 04

School Outreach in Dubai

On November 20 th 2018, The UAE Astronomy Group & Astronomers Without Borders organized an outreach program at a local elementary school in Dubai's Motor City. 4 presentations lasting 1 hour each were given throughout the day, reaching a total of 240 children. The specific goals were as follows: Complement the ongoing study of astronomy in the school's science department. Build the awareness and belief that amateur astronomy is for everyone. Introduce students to astronomical equipment and show them the basics of using it. Advise students on how to get started, and what objects for beginners are the most satisfying... Read More...

Dec 04

The Adventure of Golden Records 3

The Adventure of Golden Record's III. Adventure of the golden discs on the legendary scientist Carl Sagan and the golden discs of Voyager. Celebrating the National Astronomy Day in Brazil. Astronomy is the oldest of the sciences from the ancestral ages, the stars were studied for practical purposes, such as measuring the passage of time to predict the best time for planting and harvesting, or for purposes more closely related to astrology, such as forecasting future, since they believed that the gods of the sky had the power of the harvest, of the rain and even of the life. On... Read More...

Dec 03


Konstantin Gracanin is 11 years old and goes to the elementary school in Belgrade, Serbia. He made a project to show how our planet looks from inside. Read More...

Dec 01

Supernova from M77, picture from Bucharest Astroclub, Romania on November 30th, 2018

47 million years ago, a giant star from the Messier 77 Galaxy in the direction of the constellation Cetus collapsed gravitationally. In a few seconds, it nucleus undergoes a cataclysmic implosion that raises it temperature to several billion degrees Kelvin and whose shock wave spreads to the outer layers of the star making it to explode. It's just a type II Supernova. The giant temperature and pressure generated by this explosion are large enough to produce heavier chemical elements such as gold and platinum inside the star. The supernovae are so bright that if it is placed at a distance... Read More...

Nov 24

Astroclubul Bucuresti finished Astronomy Workshop in Bucharest, Romania (21th November 2018)

Astroclubul Bucuresti recently finished an Astronomy Workshop consisting of 11 lectures/sessions, each featuring practical applications as well. The participants were introduced in the numerous aspects of amateur astronomy: learning the night sky, handling a telescope, learning how astronomical observations are done, taking their first steps in astrophotography, spectroscopy in astronomy, etc. The workshop ended on the 21st of November 2018 with a tour of the Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy in Bucharest. Also, each participant received a diploma for finishing the workshop. We are always eager to share our passion with other people and to continuously increase the ranks of... Read More...

Nov 17

When Worlds Erupt: Volcanism in the solar system

In 1995, Merry Edenton-Wooten, former Executive Secretary of the Astronomical League, used oils to create the artwork for a new and prophetic planetarium program, "When Worlds Erupt". Later NASA, ESA, and JAXA missions proved many of her artistic insights correct, as noted by Cassini imaging director Carolyn Porco of JPL and Dr. Tony Phillips of SpaceWeather. Her paintings are now on loan to the Space and Science Theater Planetarium at Pensacola State College. Here is a .pdf paper on her work and subsequent discoveries. Read More...

Nov 15

Building STEM spyglasses for Puerto Rico and Ciencia PR

While working with my astronomy students at Pensacola State College, the Escambia Amateur Astronomers built and distributed over 100 Galileoscopes, equipped with Baader solar filters from our sponsor, Draco Productions, in preparation for the eclipse in August 2017. Alas, these are no longer available, so I began looking around for a comparable scope kit for beginners. Back in 2009, the AL Reflector featured an article I wrote on using surplus optics to replicate Galileo's first scopes, at this link: I went to Surplus Shed for cheap achromats, and WalMart for inexpensive roof binocs to make a "spyglass" style terrestrail... Read More...