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Apr 03


By Helio C. Vital A lunar eclipse will be visible from western North America, eastern Asia, the Pacific and Oceania as the Moon will cross the northern half of Earth`s shadow on April 4, 2015. It is expected to be a very interesting event due to the fact that at 12:00 UT its umbral magnitude will probably barely exceed 1.00. It is thus within the range of current uncertainties associated with the size of Earth`s umbra (the darker inner region of Earth`s shadow). Consequently, as surprisingly as it may seem, this time it may not be utterly appropriate to simply predict... Read More...

Mar 21

Eclipse eclipsado / Eclipse eclipsed

La mala climatología hizo que se anulara la actividad propuesta por AstroGEDA. La emisión en directo no pudo realizarse por la fina lluvia y los telescopios tuvieron que taparse para no ser manchados por el barro que llevaba la lluvia. Sólo se pudo disfrutar del eclipse unos 4 minutos, el tiempo que duró un pequeño claro que se abrió entre las nubes oscuras. En el momento de la máxima parcialidad si que se pudo notar algo de oscuridad sobre las nubes, ya que desde nuestras latitudes, la Luna cubría un 60% el disco solar. - The bad weather made the... Read More...

Mar 15

Retransmisión on-line del eclipse parcial de sol

Este viernes 20 de Marzo de 2015, tendremos uno de los espectáculos más bonitos que la naturaleza nos puede brindar, un Eclipse Total de Sol. Desde España podremos verlo como parcial y concretamente desde la localidad de Elche, será un 60% de sol el que será ocultado por nuestro satélite La Luna. Desde AstroGEDA transmitiremos on-line todo el momento del evento desde las 08:09 TU hasta las 10:15 TU. No faltéis a la cita on-line. Friday March 20, 2015 , will have one of the most beautiful spectacles that nature can give us a Total Solar Eclipse . From Spain... Read More...

Feb 15

Breaching the Cordilleras

The Andromeda Mobile Planetarium  since its creation in 2013 has concentrated in the Cordillera  region. The Cordillera Central Mountain Range is a massive mountain range in Central Luzon, Philippines. It encompases several provinces (Apayao, Abra, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, and Mountain Province) and the chartered city of Baguio. The mountainous topography makes most of the areas remote. Temperatures in the Cordillera are low and roads can be treacherous. One of the main routes we take is the Halsema Highway which is among the top 10 most dangerous roads in the world. It is not uncommon for the road to have zero... Read More...

Jan 12

To jail on december 14 2014 !,

Hi, Last december 14th, I went to  a prison (Marneffe, Liege province). We were 3 from various clubs (me, Linda and Serge) to pass the checkpoint an go to a place with a noth-west free sky visibiliy (there are lots of spotlights all around). Linda had arranged this visit and it was starry but cold. We deployed ou instruments and saw ISS pass over us. Then came a group of detainees. W shook hands and Linda (with her ACS 6 inches) could go from one object to the other. My Dobson 12 inches took a while to prepare. I could... Read More...

Nov 05

Grateful and A question

I'm so bless that i can finally find a community where i can learn a lot and ask an advice about how i can be an amateur astronomer. How i can observe sky, or post a photo like others that right now i don't have a single equipment to do so. But i have a faith. I have a biggest dream that i believe with all my heart will lead me to the way i can make it real. my dream is to make my own telescope, explore the sky and build an observatory in my village. I just finished... Read More...

Oct 28

Karachi Astronomy Society's Astrodome

by Khalid Marwat

On 11th October 2014 in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, in a crowded and chaotic eastern district of Karachi a landmark astronomy event for Pakistan was unfolding. The President of Karachi Astronomers Society (KaAS), Muhammad Mehdi Hussain had invited members of KaAS, few friends, and the media to his rooftop to inaugurate the appropriately named KaAStrodome. KaAStrdome has a tumultuous construction history only the immediate family can aptly narrate. A handiwork of four determined brothers - Mehdi, Akbar, Ashraf, and Ayaz - KaAStrodome is a privately owned urban space observatory. That astronomy runs in the family is evident from the fact that Mr Anwar-ul-Hussain... Read More...

Aug 10

The 2014 Fist Night of the Shooting Stars at Fernelmont, Belgium

First night of the shooting stars at Fernelmont, Belgium. On friday 8th august , the firs Night of the Shooting Stars (Nuit des étoiles filantes or NEF), took place at Fernelmont , 15 km north-east of Namur. Weeks earlier, the French speaking Belgian amateur astronomers federation was contacted by a woman in charge of a group of children affected by the Xeroderma Pigmentosum desease (extreme sensitivity to UV light) with their parents. I called her the next morning, found out the group had its base (momentarily) at Namur and very quickly, Astronamur (the club nearest that town) contacted her. It... Read More...

May 30

We Are One, Under the One Sky!

Once again, “ Global Astronomy Month ” project gathered all advocates of Astronomy and Peace together around the world to highlight the motto of “ Astronomers Without Borders ”, One People_One Sky , through the largest global celebration of astronomy. “ Engineers Without Borders Iran ” has honored to participate in this celebration by organizing variety programs around GAM Program Schedules offered by AWB such as Dark-sky Awareness, Public Outreach, Observing Events, SunDay Workshop, etc. during April 2014. I’m so grateful to Mr. Mike Simmons, Founder/President of AWB, for inviting me to join Starlight Festival 2014 on May 24... Read More...

Mar 07


Hi Folks, don't miss the International Sidewalk Astronomers Night on the 8th of March. Meeting point is almost exactly onto 10° Longitude - (Postal address is Faehrdamm 13, 20148 Hamburg) Observation begins at 1800 h CET (GMT+1). Stargazing for free! Make your first picture of the moon! Ask crazy questions - get strange answers. A journey into space (and back). Warm clothing suggested! Have fun! Read More...

Oct 19


One week meeting, listening and talking to people doing astronomy outreach programms everytime and everywhere around the globe. That happened at CAP2013 in Warsaw. Where else someone could feel better the joining spirit of astronomy and of our all ONE SKY ? So this was one of the reasons for me to join CAP first time. Of course, knowing that some AWB-people will join it, was one more reason to fly to Poland - the homecountry of Nicolaus Copernicus. Following some of my personal photographic impressions ...... A nice monument near the center of Warsaw remembering one of the most... Read More...

Aug 22

Nights of the Shooting Stars- Starry Night

Hello, On august 8th, 2013, we gathered at the Eurospace Center for the first of the Nights of the Shooting Stars (Nuits des Etoiles Filantes). We met the medias, saw conferences, shoew our stuff to the public and saw the HTV chasing ISS. About 850 people came. On saturday 10th, the CAO and Astroclub Vega had our common event at Louvan-la-Neuve and we had an explanation of the solar system by Linda, the meteors on radio by Thierry and the sky cleared just as night set and we had a record number of visitors..more than 200 !! We were happy,... Read More...

Aug 05

Greek - Iran Astronomy for Peace Project

We are very happy to have been approached by Ahmad Alasti seeking cooperation and joint projects between our two countries. We have already spent more than an hour talking through Skype and building a relationship, exchanging information on Astronomy and culture. We both feel very proud that most nothern sky constellations have greek names and most stars persian names and that is a very strong bond for joint astronomy projects. Just for the History relations between the two people date back from the antiquity and before Persian invasion of Greece. There is also the report of Strabo of an Athenian... Read More...

Jul 22

The Day the Earth Smiled

Hello, We had clear skies, for once, in Belgium! It's been quite successful with other clubs, too. We had two clubs together near Gembloux, not far from the geographical center of the country. The Astroclub Vega and the Club d'Astronomie d'Ottignies Louvain-la-Neuve. (We used two Dobsons (12 inches) and various other telescopes. The Moon was very bright (we couldn't see the Milky Way). Saturn was right there, even before it became dark . Actually, at our latitude (50°), july 19th is the first night when we finally get some completely dark skies as for the two last months, the Sun... Read More...

Jun 28

Seattle Astronomy

Seattle Astronomy is a blog that covers space and astronomy news from Seattle and the United States Pacific Northwest. The blog was founded in January 2011 by Greg Scheiderer, a member of the Seattle Astronomical Society, Astronomers Without Borders, The Planetary Society, and the Northwest Science Writers Association. Greg is a freelance writer and a partner in Scheiderer Partners, a communication and public affairs consulting practice based in Seattle. Seattle Astronomy is also on Facebook , Twitter , and Google+ . You can subscribe to our RSS feed so you don't miss a post, and follow our calendar to learn... Read More...

Jun 21

Venus Ecipse

Wonderful Experience

Jun 15

Getting "the kids" involved in astronomy

Much ink, many pixels, and and a great deal of time and energy have been expended of late on the pressing challenge of getting the younger generation interested and participating in astronomy. Astronomy magazine editor Dave Eicher recently blogged on the topic, noting that The Astronomical League devoted a huge chunk of the March issue of its magazine, Reflector , to the topic. Eicher and Astronomy are among the partners in the Astronomy Foundation , a nonprofit organization that aims to spread interest and enthusiasm for the hobby, particularly among generations X and Y. All of this has me pondering... Read More...

May 25

24 May 2013

To the west, it was fun to watch Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury pop after sunset. Saturn to the southeast. Jupiter was fun, as the Galilean Moons were all lined up to one side of the planet, in order of their distances from Jupiter: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. As the Full Moon rose, stars disappeared. Sorry Moon, you are a big source of light pollution! Read More...

May 14


Sharing my new original music video. Lots of NASA photos in it. The video and music together present the idea of space exploration and intellectual inquiry as a form of love. Read More...

May 11

Venus Eclipse

For this event I used a welding filter a binoculars and a digital camera Samsung (no profesional). To antisipate the ubicasion of Venus' eclipse I use the Stellarium software to facilitate direct observation, as to the exact time at which the eclipse began and the location of Venus in from the Sun. Although to be seen with the naked eye of couse usins the welding filter to prevent permanet eye problems, his observation was much better with binoculars, specially for the pictures. This observation has a duration time only the 18 minutes because the Sun was hidden behind the western... Read More...

May 09

GAM 2013 in Nicaragua

Hello dear and good astro-friends. This is a brief report for GAM 2013 activities in Nicaragua, a country located in Central America. This activities were made possible with the participation of the Nicaraguan Amateur Astronomers Society, ANASA-Carl Sagan ; and the newly inaugurated Neil Armstrong Observatory, ONA. (Website still pending, ugh!) So, here is the summary of activities: 1. IASC: International Asteroid Search Campaign. After the big success of the asteroid 2012FE52 discovered by students of the Pierre and Marie Curie School in Managua, a new set of students from this and the Hispanic-Nicaraguan School joined to 2013 campaign. Sorry,... Read More...

Apr 27

Star Peace

I'll be connecting some students to the Night Sky tonight on USTREAM : Read More...

Apr 27

Watch eclipse of the moon in Marrakech, Morocco

Finalement, on a réussi à organiser notre premier GAM à Marrakech en faisant intégrer l' Association 3AM et le Centre Astronomique AGM dans le Projet GAM 2013. Et célébrer ainsi cette fête comme tous les AWB du monde entier sous un seul slogan ... One Poeple, One Sky. Pour cette soirée, 2 objectifs ont étaient atteint. 1er objectif : Intégrer l'Association 3AM et le Centre Culturel AGM dans le programme des activités que propose GAM 2013. 2eme objectif: donner l'occasion au grand public de participer à la plus grande célébration mondiale d'Astronomie et faire partager cette passion avec eux. C'est... Read More...

Apr 23

Sun-Day on Saturday at the Ghana Planetarium

The aim of this event on Saturday 20th April was to celebrate and learn about our nearest star, the Sun, and we had a variety of sun-related hands-on activities planned, including experiments with UV-sensitive beads, making a sundial, and projecting the sun’s image using a Galileoscope. However, despite Ghana’s position just 5 degrees north of the equator and it being one of the hottest times of the year, and despite glorious sunshine in the morning and early afternoon, by the time the event started at 4pm, the sky was well and truly clouded over! Typical! So, plan B came into... Read More...

Apr 21

Spaceflight to the Moon at the Ghana Planetarium

Saturday 13th April saw the second event celebrating Global Astronomy Month 2013 at the Ghana Planetarium, and a good time was had by all! The theme was Astronauts, Spaceflight and teh Moon to coincide (well, almost!) with Yuri’s Night on 12th April. We learned about the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, but how high up does space begin anyway? There was a group activity to discuss and show “How High” various objects can be found eg commercial airliners, meteors, the International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope etc. (from the GRAIL MoonKAM website). Hands-on activities followed including painting, making a... Read More...