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Nov 12

The Transit of Mercury in Erbil

AOYA has organized an astronomy activity at the Danielle Mitterand French School of Erbil on the morning hours of Monday, November 11. Unfortunately, the transit was visible only after 3:40 pm local time, it was not possible to carry on with any visual observation. Our team has given a 2 hours presentation tackling this rare astronomical event followed by a Q & A session. The feeback we received from the school management showed a very successful and informative event that was highly appreciated by students and the school's teaching team alike. We installed a telescope indoor and students were encouraged... Read More...

Nov 12

The Transit of Mercury in Erbil

AOYA has organized an astronomy activity at the Danielle Mitterand French School of Erbil on the morning hours of Monday, November 11. Unfortunately, the transit was visible only after 3:40 pm local time, it was not possible to carry on with any visual observation. Our team has given a 2 hours presentation tackling this rare astronomical event followed by a Q & A session. The feeback we received from the school management showed a very successful and informative event that was highly appreciated by students and the school's teaching team alike. We installed a telescope indoor and students were encouraged... Read More...

Nov 12

Gunstar Team ''Transito'' Report

An event in which we at Gunstar Team once again give priority to schools on the outskirts of our dear neighboring city Aparecida de Goiania. With Alpha team IGTAC-Gunstarteam in addition to the mercury traffic we also took advantage of the International Campaign for Astronomy Day IAU100 in Schools. , with a super Meteorite Exhibition, with music and culture, students will have a day of practical Ludicas and Didactic experiences besides observing the mercury traffic, taking advantage of the campaign for the 100 years we embrace this project becoming an official program of the Gunstar Team School Astronomy Day to... Read More...

Nov 11

Mercury transit from Kovin in Serbia

In Kovin, Serbia members of Astronomical Section PS Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj have organized observation of the transit of Mercury. Unfortunately , t he results were poor, it was partly cloudy. Read More...

Nov 11

Mercury transit from Krusevac in Serbia

In Krusevac, Serbia members of Astronomical Society Eureka have successfully organized observation of the transit of Mercury. Members of the Society were able to record the flow of transit from the beginning to the maximum, when the Sun set down. Many citizens who were in the park together with members were able to observe and photograph the transit wiuth telescope SkyWatcher 90/900 using indirect method of observation, while the telescope SkyWytcher 150/750 was used to photographe transit with NikonD3100 camera. We can say that this event was a success and we hope to further similar events. Read More...

Nov 11

Mercury Transit was a success!

Contrary to both my expectations and the weather forecast, the Sun rose into a clear sky here in San Francisco, for our first fog-free morning in a week! I set up my 5" Orion Maksutov-Cassegrain in Duboce Park, outside our apartment, equipped with a Baader AstroSolar filter, around 8:30 AM. The park was quiet - it's the Veterans' Day holiday here - but very soon a few people stopped by. One of them turned out to my friend Christian, who happened to be visiting from Brussels! We spotted Mercury crossing the Sun's disk quite clearly. Another friend, Aaron, stopped by... Read More...

Nov 08

Mercury Transit, Mexico City

I am organizing an observation for this coming Monday the 11th, I have only one Coronado Telescope, so I hope more people can bring theirs. The location is this 19°22'20.4"N 99°11'04.7"W Contact me, to get more info. Read More...

Nov 07

Dodangoda Miriswatta National School Solar Observation Camp 2019


Nalanda College Astronomical Society (NCAS) and Nalanda College Alumni Astronomical Society (NCAAS) conducted a sun observation camp at Dodangoda Miriswatta National School, Kalutara, Sri Lanka. It was held on 25th October 2019. First an Introduction lecture was done about Astronomy. Further lectures were carried out on telescopes and how to use a telescope to observe the sun. Subsequently the students were given the opportunity to observe the sun. They were also shown some videos regarding astronomy with a complete explanation on them. Finally they were guided by the members of the NCAS and NCAAS to do the fun activity called... Read More...

Nov 01

Astrovéga public activities in Belgium in 2019

This year was very busy in activities for the clubs (especially mine Astroclub Véga) in Belgium (thanks to Jupiter, Saturn and Moon sightings). First, a partial Moon eclipse on july 16 from the sports center of Fernelmont near Namur...Lots of clouds but still very spectacular! Moon eclipse Then a succession of nights of the stars ftom 8 august to 10 august Night of the stars at the Eurospace Center NE at Fernelmont Brussels Every time, lots of stars and people!! A special evening with parents and children at Raimillies on august 23. On september 21, a huge all day and... Read More...

Nov 01



Oct 25

Goiania 86th Spacial Birthday .

The most likely origin of the name Goyanna (currently Goiana) is that Goyanna comes from the Tupi-Guarani word "Guyanna", which means "land of many waters". The town's toponym appears for the first time in the catalogs of the Society of Jesus in 1592 under the name of village of "Gueena". The same document, in 1606, records it with the spelling changed to "Goyana" and finally Goiana. Some scholars say that Goiana is the source word for the Tupi language and means: esteemed people. The first suggestion of name came from Leo Lynce, a Goias intellectual from Pires do Rio. For... Read More...

Oct 21

Astronomy in the Nutshell for beginners!

Sponsored by Re:Coded House in Erbil, The head of AOYA (the Association of Young Astronomy), has given a two and a half hour presentation titled "Astronomy in the Nutshell for the Beginners". In fact education has come up to better standards in Kurdistan allowing an ever growing number of youths who have built a very strong interest in astronomy but still lack the basic knowledge and therefore have no clue of where and how to make a proper start. Hence came our endeavor to guide those enthusiasts and help put them on the right track through learning the preliminary skills... Read More...

Oct 20

Restart of "Austrian-Amateur-Astronomer Meeting" at the biggest public observatory of Austria

This weekend we restarted an old Austrian tradition. The so called "Austrian Amateur Astronomer Meeting", which was running for decades and was stopped about 15 years ago, had it's revival. The location was well chosen. The biggest Austrian public observatory "VEGA" formed the framework for this event. This observatory was opened last year and is situated near the city of Salzburg. It is equipped with modern presentation and multimedia techniques. The centerpiece is a 1 meter reflector telescope from ASA -Astro Systeme Austria. The revival of this traditional meeting was initiated by ÖAV - Österreichischer Astronomischer Verein. The main topic... Read More...

Oct 14

WSW2019: Road to Solar Eclipse Malaysia 2019

October 5, 2019, Malaysia – In conjunction of World Space Week 2019, Telok Kemang Observatory held a workshop that open to public (limited to 30pax only). This workshop is focused on Partial Solar Eclipse that can be seen all around Malaysia on 26 th December 2019. The workshop starts around 5:00 PM MYT by Muzamir Mazlan. The workshop included how to see the eclipse (free solar eclipse glasses provided to every participant), where to see and preparation for incoming eclipse. Read More...

Oct 14

International Observe The Moon Night 2019

October 5, 2019, Malaysia – Telok Kemang Observatory held a program to celebrate International Observe The Moon Night 2019 with our local community. The theme is “To The Moon and Back” which highlighted on the 50 th anniversary of Moon Landing. The program start around 8:00PM MYT with with open talk by Assistant Manager of Telok Kemang Observatory, Muzamir Mazlan at PASMA Night Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson (Night-Market Dinner Style). The talk includes the topic about basic exposure about moon landing. Next year astronomical calendar also has been discuss with the public. Muzamir Mazlan also gave a talk about... Read More...

Oct 13

We know the universe

Activity name: "We know the universe teacher Violeta Petkovska School: OU: Koco Racin RS Macedonia Read More...

Oct 13

Earth And Beyond

Astronomy has the power to instill a sense of wonder and joy in students and teachers. Let's learn from each other. Make a poster, presentation or write text for interesting celestial bodies and events. The Universe or the Cosmos The Moon is the Door to the Stars Read More...

Oct 11

Unusual celebrations for "International Observe the Moon Night" and "World Space Week"

I was honorably interviewed by TVB informative program as special guest (the largest television broadcast in HK). Mostly I shared my sharing my adventurous experiences for astronomical observation and promoted the importance of popular science . More importantly, this year is the #MoonLanding50. I also introduced some of knowledge about Apollo mission, and technique for Lunar Photography. And also my precious opportunities to meet with Apollo 15 Astronaut at the California, U.S.A. With the previous television interview about “Lunar Observation” last month (Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival) , I shared about the lunar features (e.g. craters, Maria) and how we can capture... Read More...

Oct 11

Summary InOMN Spain

Hello everybody !! InOMN activities in Spain have already been completed and we have again broken records: On October 5, the International Moon Observation Night (InOMN) was held, an annual event organized by the Communication and Education team of NASA's LRO mission, which brings the whole world together in his observation. In Spain, 101 activities were registered, of which 23 were organized by FAAE associations. Museums, observatories, associations, schools, institutes and individuals joined the great celebration of the Moon, which reached more than 2000 activities worldwide. The event presented several formats in addition to direct observation with telescopes and binoculars,... Read More...

Oct 08

InOMN 2019

On the night of October 5, 2019 the Manila Street Astronomers community conducted several event setups for the International Observe the Moon Night. The group conducted lectures and free telescope viewings at Cavite, Mandaluyong, SM North EDSA, Angono, Mendiola, and Baguio. Other astronomy organizations and individuals also conducted their respective setups (unfortunately not all were registered). At the start of the month the local astronomy community was worried due to cloudy and rainy skies accompanying Tropical Storm 19W (Onyok) that lasted until the night of October 4. From my end in Baguio City we had to cancel the telescope viewing... Read More...

Oct 08

How an Amateur Astrophile and Astronomer Made Her First Step Towards Space Observation

by Bhagyashree Singh

On 5th October 2019, it was the 5th edition of International Moon Observing Day. Although for the world it was the 5th one, it was the first ever observing day for this one-nanosecond old zygote in the world of Astronomy. I have been in connection with this cosmos ever since, but recently, under The Treaty Of Ghaziabad, 2019, I was formally introduced to this extravagant world of astronomy and astrophysics by my Astronomical guide urf Guru, Shri Yash Agarwal, fondly known as Mr. Future President by me. I was very excited for this day since I read about this on... Read More...

Oct 06

International Observe The moon Night 2019 in Erbil, Iraq

Hosted by the International Maarif Schools in Erbil, AOYA has invited the public to attend a night dedicated to observing the moon on Saturday, October 5th. This event was precceded by a 4 day activity program including a lunar photo contest, moon painting, poetry, and creating 3D models of the lunar features. The event was a great sucess, children have added a nice atmosphere and were left speechless when saw the detailed features of the moon as being projected from the scope onto the desplay. We have answered numerous questions about the moon by visitors from all ages and cultural... Read More...

Oct 06

InOMN2019 Goias it was a success.

Acting in worldwide engagement during World Space Week and in conjunction with the International Moon Observation Night, and in solemnity to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions and 100 years of the International Astronomical Union, we of the Gunstar Team Institute of Cultural Astronomy, with our largest and most vibrant project the Itinerant Telescope, we took several telescopes for a night of magic and friendship and diffusion of scientific knowledge at the biggest point of cultural reference in the state the Oscar Nyemeier Cultural Center, all for free and in solidarity. For about 45 min the moon and saturn... Read More...

Oct 06

First InOMN-Event in Austria

I am happy to tell that we startet this year our first InOMN Event here in Linz at our little public observatory of our astronomy association - Kepler Sternwarte Linz . Following the appeal of Jessica Santascoy, our AWB-Community Engagement Manager, finally we registered this year an event to celebrate the moon together with many people around the globe. It was a great success despite we had mostly bad weather. Nevertheless we had some holes in the cloud cover and we could give some nice live-views from the moon to our visitors. Additionally to our main instrument for visual observations... Read More...

Oct 06

Retrun To AWB through InOMN 2019

Very long time spent after our last activity in AWB as (Amaterur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan - AAAK) thats due to a very bad security and military circumastances in our region and Iraq after the black occupation of ISIS. Thank to Allah, now every thing is better and here we are return to AWB Community with a new organization named (Kurdistan Astronomical Organization - KAO) just like old days of our early beginning sa (AAAK). InOMN 2019 was our return celebration after we made it last evening, Saturday 5, 2019 in (Minara Park) of (Erbil city) in Iraqi Kurdistan Region,... Read More...