Many months ago, our only scope suffered some damage that was beyond any reapire. We felt that our efforts to educate the public in astronomy had come to an end. We lost all hope as it was, and still is, almost impossible to get a new scope! But thanks to Astromomers Without Borders sincere efforts and care, an excellent scope was donated to us through Expolore Scientific. We couldn't have imagined to receive a replacement far superior to what we had lost. Our dreams have just come true!

Only today and after more than a month, our tideus attempts to have it released from the custody of the Customs at Erbil Airport, luckily have succeeded. 

We feel that AOYA has been revived, and soon our public outreach and other free educational services can resume! You have simply put a smile on our faces after we had lost all hopes.

Thank you so much Astronomers Without Borders!

Thank you so much Mike Simmons!

Thank you so much Explore scientific!

Without you AOYA would have eventually died and thousands of local adults and kids would have lost a great opportunity for free valuable astronomy educational services in this region.

Eyad S. Khailany | Founder

Association of Young astronomers

Erbil, IKR, Iraq



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  • I'm so happy to see that you're back in "business"!

    Thanks especially to Scott Roberts, CEO of Explore Scientific (and AWB board member) who made the donation from his company possible.

    Clear skies!
    Mike Simmons
  • Hello Eyad S. Khailany and the Association of Young Astronomers (AOYA),

    Thank you for your dedication to astronomy! We are so happy that AOYA survived.
    Explore Scientific is an amazing company with a lot of heart
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