Our optics workshop could not have been better! We built 30 spyglasses with Astronomers Without Borders to send to Ciencia Puerto Rico next week in only two hours 15 minutes, then used the rest of the time to let kids decorate them creatively. All who built or decorated filled in the donor form for the STEM teachers and students of Puerto Rico got a tektite specimen from our sponsor, Draco Productions. Many thanks to Sheryl Williams, Buddy Welker, Nicole and Chloe Gunter, Jacque Falzone, Marc Gordon, Ed Magowan, Lauren Rogers, and Chris Coats from the EAAA, and of course SaraBeth Gordon and the staff of Pensacola Mess Hall. We hope they get years of use out of the Palma C-8 at their solar observing, astronomy nights, and science workshops for years in the future!  Here is the link to our gallery of activies.  



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  • 05 April 2019
    We shipped 29 of the STEM spyglasses built at the GCSF to Greetchen Diaz of Ciencia PR on Thursday afternoon. As of now, 65 of these beginner scopes, 20X x 32mm achromats, are not in use in the elementary schools of Puerto Rico; many thanks to Mike Simmons of Astronomers Without Borders for the inspiration and organization of this project. If you or your group want to get involved in this replacement for the discontinued Galileoscope, here are the plans.
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