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Recently in South Florida, the weather has been terrible. Rain and lightning plague the night sky, making it horribly difficult for an amateur astronomer such as myself to study a variety of night time objects. However, I had done my homework and concluded that this harsh weather wasn’t going to get in the way of my observations of the full moon this month.

I was very wrong. The conditions were worse than I imagined, and as a result I couldn’t see the full moon. However, on the night of June 28th and 29th, the weather was adequate to observe the moon.

Fortunately, on the 30th I was able to travel to upstate New York, where the light pollution was minimal, and the weather was great. While I was there, I was equipped with a pair of Orion binoculars where I could observe the Waning Gibbous. With far better environmental conditions, such as less light pollution and better weather, my time doing astronomical observations was significantly more enjoyable.

When studying the moon throughout the week of the 25th, some features of the moon that really caught my eye were the craters Tycho and Copernicus, and Mare Crisium, which is a lunar mare.

In August, I will be back in New York with my reflector telescope, where I can better star-gaze and observe the night sky.


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