On April 28, 2018, we celebrated GAM2018 at Inter-University Centre of Astronomy & Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune, India.

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270 people participated in the programme with great enthusiasm. At the beginning, there was an interactive session conducted by the Public Outreach team. In this session, the importance of the moon around the earth was emphasised.
Following this, the participants were given a challenge to observe the moon through telescopes arranged at backyard, and mark the maria on the visible surface (labeled maps were provided). They were surpised and delighted to learn that the mare - Mare Tranquillitatis or Sea of Tranquility where humankind first set their footsteps on the moon is visible to us and can be identified easily without a telescope too.

Participants ranged from kids of age 5 to senior citizens enjoyed observing our celestial companion. 


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