Yumna Majeed


Participants :  50 - 55 
Age : 11-14 years
Location : Jinnah High School, AIMC Colony.
Topic = Introduction to Our Solar System and Remote Sensing
Representing : The Planetary Society-Pakistan,Universe Awareness,Astronomy Without Borders and IFAS Science Club ( club that I started at my medical college )
Description :
From Sun to Pluto,I told them planet's size,atmosphere,distance, origin of their name, chances of life on any other planet, probes sent to different planets.
Then we discussed Elon Musk's Mission Mars .It was an amazing experience,students were so active and receptive.When I told them about Apollo Mission,about Niel and Buzz, one of the students said the first living thing sent to  Space was a dog or a monkey ( that was pretty impressive because all of them belonged to the families who were ward boy,sweeper or just a clerk ).We had Solar Observation too with the help of Solar Glasses provided by Lahore Astronomical Society ( courtesy of Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project ).FB IMG 1475681945737


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