This report is the fourth version of our festival of Earth and Space with global month of Astronomy, is full of surprises, linking the International Year of Chemistry and Forests, with the slogan "INTERPRETING THE WHISPERS OF THE COSMOS" know each melody that lies hidden in the depths of our Universe.

 "We need to retake learning as an integral practice, understand the cosmic symphony must be equally accessible to a physicist, that for a orquesta director. 

Despite the obstacles weather, we comply with the program

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As is customary in Geostar Party  the program dedicated to nature, this time to demonstrate to children and the importance of large plants, explaining that grew into trees, which are beautiful, as they struggle to reach the sky, with grace and rhythm of the cosmos, they are large and slender machines powered by sunlight, water from the sky and collect carbon dioxide from the air to make their food and ours. A beautiful symbiosis induced by a star.

We seeding program of fruit trees and flowers, to rebuild a damaged ecosystem, a couple of years ago we planted a Abutilon and today we see how life became transformed into hummingbirds.





A Gazania saluting the sky, See how this beautiful plant is driven by a star 150 million kilometers, with astonishing slowly opens its petals to harness all that energy of the cosmos. A video made
​​with the children ANIC of 2 hours, summarized in 40 seconds to also understand the time and space scales.

The video below, we made for atmospheric dynamics, aiming to understand the climate that are causing imbalance, a bright morning in Bogota the first of April, loomed a seemingly harmless clouds, but with spend the day turned into a big storm. We teach children first to create a climate awareness, second to look with different eyes the sky around them, in order to decipher the weather with each cloud studied, and third to generate tangible ideas to regular weather pattern stable, tree planting, energy saving, water.



This stage was characterized by unlocking the secrets of the stars, their evolution and life, because they are there? Because light up? Demonstrated that children's eyes are better than any binocular, since they learned to look beyond, recognize colors, brightness. While the climate began to change, not discourage us to do a little observation without instruments, to conduct workshops for stellar evolution as we understand that stars are born, evolve and perish scales of time and space beyond human understanding. Glimpse the stellar history, which has been the history of life

Photo: Workshop of stellar evolution with preschoolers.

ANIC photography to interpret colors of stars in this case Betelguense (Orion). Drawings of Children HR Diagram and Stellar Evolution.






 We could only do a day of observation on 6 April as the weather was worsening with each passing day, the encounter with the stars was beautiful clouds gave permission for a few hours to contemplate and study more about that crescent moon look more detail the constellations, also at 8 pm loomed the majestic ringed planet, we make a video of his visit despite the turbulent atmosphere.











After two years of photography getting the appropriate camera lens and we make a series of star maps from the Colombian latitude, it was possible to interpret this picture sky and join each point of light to form constellations, hard work it took time a curious ingredient watched the stars very closely. Photos: How children recognize the constellations in a sky chart and then translate them into a real picture to achieve the desired map.



One winter cloak covers us at this time, while wreaking havoc, it also generates surprises with a little imagination, we detail and see what is invisible to others perhaps, an example is this beautiful long gray cloud near the sun looks very fragile, like a comet or a meteor, said children to contemplate, but it really is a charming and unusual optical effect, turning the simple into something beautiful, to awaken the feeling for the little things





International Year of Chemistry 2011


 A wonderful encounter with nature books, every leaf, every rock, every single earthling is a story full of pages, which every day we try to read and interpret at this stage we put together a "Litoteca" where each rock is a book tells the story of the planet, years library and outputs to collect these beautiful cards mysterious land for the international year of chemistry and GAM 2011.


 In the first level of this “Litoteca” are the different types of rocks, their entire Earth's crust, then another level highlights the minerals that make our life more comfortable and enjoyable. And to show that everything is made ​​of them to ourselves, the Mohs hardness scale native elements, and gems, each with its corresponding chemical formula.


Peering into the mysteries of life, like a tiny particle of the cosmos blue generated that knowledge to go deeper and deeper into the depths of our own universe. Travel 4.5 billion years ago to play the melodies of life, met in the small museum ARGEO And ANIC, the first beings to inhabit this planet, through various fossils and how they led to what we know today, we explore our sky from a cloud into a galaxy, with exposure astrophotography ANIC, and show how children can also have its own record astrophotographers.

 Photos: Children play a fossil sample, example is the molar of a Colombian Mastodon, Down as the crystals grow in this case on the rock where water with high manganese content is flowing through natural fissures, tree branches seem and indeed, its name comes from the Greek dendron, meaning tree, but it is not, are Manganese Dendrites. A Trilobite, Fossil most characteristic of the Paleozoic era. children in the Colombian exposure astrophotography and astronomical instruments 















Colombia is facing at this time the climate chaos that we ourselves have caused overflowing rivers, towns flooded by mud and water, destroyed roads, are a reflection of natural imbalance caused by deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and other problems already become a cliche to name them.



Photo: Winter in Bogota. April 23, 2011, formation of an extreme storm





You are? Where did you come? I never saw anything like you. "The Crow Man and Creator looked ... surprised that this strange new being was so like him.

Eskimo myth of creation.


Wiser vision of the cosmos, each mystery unravels around them was described by our true fathers of our country, all based on a single but powerful word, "respect" for them and through them, modern science unfortunately lost little that regard.

 We had the opportunity to learn more in depth study of the cosmos by those Muiscas star performers. We talked to a leader of an indigenous council, we want to reveal his identity, but really what's important was to learn his wisdom.

He explained the existence of a Muisca calendar, the year "zocam" based on the moon, twenty of these made ​​up one year, the moons and years, whose time series were used ten terms were numbers: 1 ata, 2 bozha, 3 mica  4 mhuyca, 5 hicsca, 6 ta, 7 qhupqa, 8 shuzha, 9 aca, 10 hubchíbica


A very beautiful monument is the "infiernito", his name was given by the Spanish believe that the rocks in the form of phalluses could only be the work of the devil.

 It is a sacred place that has thirty huge pillars of phallic-shaped rock, the Phallus is the symbol of fertility and which are scattered around the place with hundreds of smaller columns arranged in two rows from east to west, placed in such So, have symmetric spaces together, in harmony with the melodies of the universe, giving way to light and allow the formation and movement of shadows, in the direction of the sun. Gave them the start to the summer and winter seasons. The corresponding short shadow at noon the first day of summer and the longest at noon on the first day of winter solstice proper handling of the number of columns, 55 to 56, each of the alignments, due probably to a timing value related to the cycle of some astronomical events, a veritable Stonehenge Creole.










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