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In mid January I was able to send resources to the 5 secondary schools to help them establish "Space Clubs" on campus.  At that time I wrote to folks saying;

"When I was with you in October, some of the teachers and Headmasters expressed a desire to start a “Space Club” at their school.  I hope that each of the schools will be able to establish a club to make full use of the equipment and resources I shared with you.

A Space Club will give interested students a chance to learn more about science, math, geography, and astronomy.

The materials I’m sending are:

·Space Club Notes with an introduction to a “Space Club”, along with basic astronomy definitions, some constellation information, and an assignment for the students.

· An “Observing Challenge” sheet, with objects to identify in the night sky, and

·An “Observing Certificate” to award students who complete the observing challenge.

Additional “Space Club” activities could include some of the activities we practiced in October:

· Creating a solar system model to explore distances of the planets

·Investigating the electromagnetic spectrum using the “Invisible Universe” booklet.

· Observing the moon during various periods of the lunar cycle.

I plan to send more Space Club Notes and ideas in the coming months."

Since the materials arrived several schools have confirmed that they hope to begin clubs in the next few months.

I recently recieved this message from a secondary student who is using the resources I've sent.  He writes, ". . . I am just trying to teach other people about night stars -- thanks for the book you sent to me."

As plans move forward to return to Tanzania for more teaching next year, it is rewarding to know this the work is sustained and carried forward by teachers and students in their local communities.

If you are interested in see any of the materials listed above, please send me an e-mail at: [email protected]


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