Giving a Second Chance - 40,000 glasses recycled, vetted, delivered: the journey from one memorable eclipse to another.


The idea of a new format for a musical and scientific performance arises after a trip to Lapland, to observe and photograph the northern lights in March 2013: a show connecting the engaging experience of live electronic music with the passion for science communication and the knowledge of the sky.

The impressions of a journey toward an extreme territory, with icy temperatures and immense landscapes, take shape within a musical frame bringing new emotional meanings to the images of the northern lights. From the infernal power of huge solar eruptions to the delicate dance of the auroral lights, this Astroconcert draws an evocative knitting through space and time, between the earth and the sky, where knowledge regains the taste of wonder.

The original images of the northern lights were shot by Stefano Giovanardi in Ivalo (Finland) and edited as time lapse sequences. The original soundtrack is composed and performed live by Angelina Yershova (piano, live electronics, voice). 

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Stefano Giovanardi

Atronomer and science curator at the Planetarium and Astronomical Museum of Rome. He holds a masters degree in Astronomy from the University of Bologna. He spent part of his career doing research at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore and at Columbia University in New York. He holds a Masters in Communication of Science from the Sissa school in Trieste. Since 2002 he has been working in astronomy education and public outreach. He organized and participated to several national and international workshops. He was a member of the Interdepartment Working Group on the Development of Scientific and Technological Culture. He contributes to magazines and tv shows, namely, since 2011, Uno Mattina on the main Italian tv channel. He discovered the minor planet 1994QC and is author of more than 100 astronomical shows and other educational and outreach events.

Angelina Yershova

Angelina Yershova is a composer, pianist, producer, singer and performer. From her classical roots she developed her own language, a very personal and creative musical world that orbits freely from Classical and Contemporary music to Experimental and Electronic music, and that can hardly be associated with any stereotype or pre-existing cliché. She graduated at the Kazakh National Conservatory of Music Kurmangazy (Almaty) specialising in Piano, Composition & Conducting and holds an Electronic Music degree from the Conservatory of S. Cecilia (Rome). She participated in several prestigious International Festivals. She has written music for film and theater. In collaboration with the Planetarium of Rome she created and performed several Astroconcerts: "Aurora Borealis", "Voyager Cords", "Cosmic Echoes", "Stellar Vibrations", "Destination Infinity" and more. Recently, based in Berlin, she has started her own label “Twin Paradox Records”, focusing on experimental electronic music.

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