April 7, 2013Sunday-2013 200

Let's celebrate our star, the Sun! Awareness and appreciation of the Sun are all you need to participate. Look at The Sun Now via the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory or contact your local astronomy club to find a solar viewing event. Remember, NEVER look directly at the Sun. 



Planning a SunDay event?

Find plenty of activities, including Observing the Sun for Yourself, at the Stanford Solar Center

What if it’s raining? Be ready for an indoor program with a presentation of “The Sun: Our Nearest Star” from Galilean Nights (available in English, French and Portuguese). 

Share your SunDay images of outreach, solar photography, or tell us that you love the Sun on Facebook, the Flickr group, or Tweet using #GAM2013 hashtag (@gam_awb).

Check out our Observing Resources and People with Disabilities Astronomy Resources.

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