GAM2012 News



Following the outstanding success of live online observing events conducted by Virtual Telescope in Italy, Global Astronomy Month 2012 (GAM2012) will again have special online observing programs throughout the month.
Exciting activities using advanced, remotely-accessible observatories will include online guided cosmic shows, free personal remote observing sessions, and special discounts for observing time for those who want to do more. Discover the benefits of remote astronomy and enjoy the sky from the comfort of your own home.

GAM offers two ways to enjoy remote observing: online, live events with real-time narration and personal observing through remotely controlled telescopes or images on demand.

The schedule of events:
- 01 April 2012: Online Messier Marathon!
- 15 April 2012: Around the Ringed Planet
- 19 April 2012: Cosmic Depths
- 27 April 2012: Walking on the Moon
- 28 April 2012: Stars for All!
- 30 April 2012: Write Your Name in The Sky!