GAM2012 News

Over the past several years, amateur and professional astronomers around the world have been tearing down the borders in the area of people with disabilities.  Many planetariums, astronomy organizations and individuals have focused on solutions for making star parties, hands-on activities and presentations accessible to people who have visual, hearing, mobility or cognitive disabilities.

Astronomers Without Borders has contacted many of these visionary people for the purpose of helping educate others as to the various disabilities and the best ways to relate astronomy concepts to them.  With the help of authors and successful organizations, AWB has compiled resources for educators and anyone who communicates astronomy to the public.



The resources are listed by disability. Many of them are downloadable, while others are resources like books and other sites you can investigate for yourself.  Included are some guidelines to help you plan and execute your own disability-related projects in a more orderly and accessible fashion. 

Let’s continue working together to tear down any borders, limits or restrictions that would separate people with disabilities from the stars—locally and all over the world.