Each day during Global Astronomy Month 2012 - 30 days throughout April - the GAM Blog presents a new blogger from around the world.

From amateurs to astronauts, from local activists to famous bloggers, from countries and cultures around the world, the GAM Blog covers topics as diverse as GAM itself, and the astronomy community that takes part.

April 5 By Daniela de Paulis Back to the GAM Blog As part of GAM 2012 I will present my new work 'le Voyage dans la Lune', a B/W video inspired by the recently restored 1902 film by George Méliès.

April 4 By Thijs Kouwenhoven Back to the GAM Blog People have admired the heavens since the dawn of civilization. Initially, astronomy was mainly used for time keeping, particularly for religious and agricultural purposes.

April 3 By Emily Lakdawalla, the Planetary Society http://planetary.org/blog Back to the GAM Blog Welcome to my monthly roundup of the activities of our intrepid robotic emissaries across the solar system! I count 16 spacecraft that are actively performing 13 scientific missions at Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Vesta, Saturn, and at the edge of the heliosphere, while another 9 are cruising to future destinations. And my count doesn't include all the spacecraft observing Earth, Sun, and points beyond our Sun's reach. I keep tabs on all these spacecraft for the Planetary Society blog . So, what highlights do we...

April 2 By Sze-leung Cheung Back to the GAM Blog Welcome to the GAM blog, although it’s in April, but I must say, we should get prepared for the coming historical and last chance of the Transit of Venus event in June.

April 1 By Mike Simmons Back to the GAM Blog How did we get here? Global Astronomy Month began just two years ago with a fairly low key event meant to keep alive the spirit of its famous progenitor, 100 Hours of Astronomy of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009). Who would have expected that in this short time it would become the world’s largest annual celebration of astronomy? Certainly not me. So how did this happen?