Each day during Global Astronomy Month 2012 - 30 days throughout April - the GAM Blog presents a new blogger from around the world.

From amateurs to astronauts, from local activists to famous bloggers, from countries and cultures around the world, the GAM Blog covers topics as diverse as GAM itself, and the astronomy community that takes part.

April 10 By Universe Awareness Back to the GAM Blog From a very young age, children are fascinated with the beauty of the starry sky, its mysteries,and its infinite vastness, and slowly begin to form perceptions of our universe and our place in it. Many scientists also trace their passion for our cosmos to a subtle but impactful moment in their childhood.

April 9 By Rogel Mari Sese Back to the GAM Blog Astronomy is considered to be one of the oldest branches of science known to man.

April 8 By Marieke Baan Back to the GAM Blog Science is experiencing a crisis of confidence, after claims about extraterrestrial life and reports about faster than light neutrinos that astounded the public. The time is long gone when a great discovery could become a story in the newspaper via a simple press release.

April 7 By Ricardo Cardoso Reis Back to the GAM Blog With the solar maximum of 2013 approaching fast, you’ll be hearing a lot more news about “the greatest solar explosion since…” (well, probably since the last one!). But what are these explosions, and how can they affect us, here on the surface of the Earth?

April 6 By Kevin Govender Back to the GAM Blog What would you do to change the world? Would you even want to? Perhaps the world as it is today is in some uncontrollable balance that's beyond human intervention? However, the trajectory we are on as a planet can sometimes seem ominously gloomy, and this is in no small part due to the dominance of the human species.