Each day during Global Astronomy Month 2012 - 30 days throughout April - the GAM Blog presents a new blogger from around the world.

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April 20 By Siramas Komonjinda Back to the GAM Blog In the past, Astronomy was mistakenly taken by people that it is about stars and the universe that we are not part of them.

April 19 By Ajay Talwar Back to the GAM Blog No internet mapping sites makes or measures the route for you. The pine filled road is not even visible in Google Earth.

April 18 By Pamela Gay Back to the GAM Blog One of the most amazing things about our universe is that we can understand it.

April 17 By Tavi Greiner Back to the GAM Blog Last year, in expressing the need to be more tolerant of people who seemed to prefer cosmic fallacies to cosmological facts, I promised to write a 12-part series that would introduce astrology fans to astronomy, through monthly articles featuring each of the zodiacal constellations. I begin the series with Aries, this year, during Global Astronomy Month 2012!

April 16 By Ian O'Neill Back to the GAM Blog Supermassive black holes are thought to live in the cores of most galaxies, including our own. But there's a problem; they shouldn't exist at all . Supermassive black holes are simply too massive to be explained by current theories of black hole formation.