Transit of Mercury at El Morro National Monument

Derek Wallentinsen
11 November 2019
Time: 930AM until 1100AM

It happens on the average every 7 years. It last happened in 2016.A transit of Mercury occurs when the orbital positions of the earth and this smallest of the major planets align to place it silhouetted against the sun's disk.Please join us on November 11 to view this fascinating event. Our observing adventure will be at El Morro National Monument's visitor center, where I'll set up a telescope with a safe solar filter. With your own eyes, you'll see how small a planet really is compared to a star. The transit is already underway when observations start at ELMO around 930AM. The transit will end close to 1104AM.

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Derek Wallentinsen

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El Morro National Monument, Ramah, New Mexico