Eclipse Glasses for Underserved Schools and More

Astronomy is for everyone. The August 21 eclipse will be visible throughout the US and parts of other countries, but many schools and other organizations in underserved communities and remote areas can't afford to purchase safe eclipse viewing glasses.

Organizations and vendors have donated millions of glasses to those in need, but millions more could go without a chance to directly view this great celestial event.

Astronomers Without Borders is already distributing more than 100,000 glasses but the need is much greater. We want to help even more, and you can make it possible.

As you prepare for the eclipse, please consider those children and others who will miss out. You'll be glad you did when you're witnessing the eclipse, knowing others are watching as well because of you.

And don't forget to get stock up on safe eclipse glasses for yourself, your family, and friends! You can buy AWB branded eclipse glasses in the AWB store. All profits support AWB's global astronomy programs like this one, and many more.

Here are some comments from some of our applicants:

"We are 100 percent free lunch, breakfast, dinner and snack.

"We are an Inner city school, many of our students receive reduced tuition or are sponsored by families."

"Our community was hit by 2 tornadoes within 3 weeks back in January.  Many of our Families have been displaced and are rebuilding from this."

How You Can Help

Help us provide safe eclipse glasses to disadvantaged schools, disabled, and many others. There are two simple ways to help:

  1. Donate for glasses designated for this program.
  2. Spread the word about our campaign through your networks.

We are providing safe eclipse viewing glasses at $0.75, which covers the cost of the glasses, shipping anywhere in the US, and labor to pack and ship the glasses, and to manage the program.

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Donate certified safe glasses for underserved schools and others who can't afford them.
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AWB has certified safe eclipse glasses for sale. All profits fund our global astronomy programs.
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