Advanced CT Laser Collimator 1.25" or 2.0" Focuser

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Hotech has generously donated this item to support Astronomers Without Borders programs.

The Advanced CT Laser Collimator brings a collimating star to within arms reach of your telescope. With its short range capability, you can perform collimation indoors, day or night. This new collimator utilizes a clear and simple-to-read, large target display that is positioned within a short distance of the telescope, allowing you to collimate without guessing.

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1.25" or 2" Reflector Mirror (specify focuser size)".

Collimate Your Cassegrain Telescope
- Without using a star
- Indoor or outdoor - day or night
- Focus stays at final view setting
- Within focal distance from your telescope
- One-man operation
- Portable and simple to setup and use
- Package includes
  - 1 x Advanced CT Laser Collimator
  - 1 x Premium Carrying Case
  - 1 x Fine Adjustment Stage (FAS-01)
  - 1 x 1.25" Reflector Mirror (RM125)
  - 1 x CR123, 3V lithium battery
Collimates following types of telescopes
   - Classic Cassegrain
   - Schmidt Cassegrain
   - Maksutov-Cassegrain
   - Ritchey-Chretien
   - Dall-Kirkham
   - and most dervative Cassegrain telescope designs
Laser Specification:
   - Output Power: Class II, 1mW
   - Wavelength: 650nm
   - Alignment Lasers: 170mm diameter spaced apart
   - Crosshair Laser: 90 deg. divergent optic
   - Power Supply: One CR123, 3V Lithium battery
Telescope aperture limitation on ACT-M125 model:
   - Primary mirror larger than 170mm(6.7") diameter to accept the alignment lasers
   - Secondary mirror obstruction smaller than 170mm(6.7") diameter without blocking the alignment lasers
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  • Manufactured by: Hotech