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April 10 to 16, 2011

The Moon—Earth’s traveling companion in space—is an integral part of life on Earth. Still, few people notice it or recognize its importance to us.  Through out Global Astronomy Month, the Moon will be celebrated via MoonDays . A week-long special series of programs, from April 10 through 16, will be dedicated to the Moon to help people rediscover our closest companion in space.

Lunar Week takes place while the Moon is well-placed for observation in the evening sky.  As the Moon's phases and positions change during its orbit around the Earth, there will be Moon-themed star parties to observe the Moon by telescope and naked eye, educational programs, online observing events, competitions and a celebration of the Moon in different cultures.  We will be distributing Moon-related information in various forms, including answers to such common questions as: Why is it important to explore the Moon?  How does the Moon affect our daily life?  Why is the Moon visible during the day or night?  Why do its phases change?  All Moon missions and educational programs are invited to participate. Lunar Week Activities:

Ask an European Space Agency Scientist!



  • Hold your Moon-themed star parties! - Don't forgot to register your event with us and share report/photos after the event.
  • Moon phases and positions in the sky - students and adults can follow the Moon’s changing positions and phases through the week, learning about the relationship between the Moon, Earth and Sun.


Remote Observing




Lunart: poetry, drawings and cutlure

  • Moonlight Poetry - feeling poetic? Put your thoughts into words and share your Moon-themed poetry with us.
  • Moon and Culture - all cultures include rituals, traditions and stories about the Moon. We invite you to share Moon related stories in your culture and contribute to this unique cultural collection.


Contact: Rosa Doran