The final tally is now in from the seventh annual international star-hunting activity known as GLOBE at Night.  During the 2012 campaign, citizen scientists around the world recorded a total of 16,850 measurements of night-sky brightness.



This year’s campaign received measurements from 92 countries.  The top 20 countries were United States (6072), India (2472), Poland (1196), Argentina (879), Germany (859), South Korea (828), China (628), Chile (488), Croatia (374), Romania (324), Spain (278), Canada (254), Mexico (217), France (206), Czech Republic (173), Hungary (142), South Africa (130), Uruguay (122), Macedonia (115) and Slovakia (98).

GLOBE at Night world data points map

About one out of every two observations of limiting magnitude gave a value of 3 or 4 mag, which is typical of measurements contributed by medium to larger sized cities.  80% of the measurements were taken in light-polluted areas, where the Milky Way Galaxy could not be seen.  (The numbers are consistent with what the International Dark-Sky Association finds for the United States.)

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