AWB at International Conferences- an update

In May we reported that AWB would be presented to audiences at three important conferences.  The following is an update on those events:

The International Space Development Conference (May 29 – June 1), held annually by the AWB Affiliate National Space Society featured a slide presentation on AWB and its activities. This premier conference on the development of space exploration was attended by space enthusiasts, government agencies and commercial enterprises. Several astronauts, both government and private, were in attendance. The first female private space explorer, AWB Board of Advisors member Ansousheh Ansari, was the featured speaker at a conference luncheon. There is great overlap in the astronomy and space community, with the wonders of astronomy providing an
inspiration for both.

Two AWB-related presentations were given at the joint conference of the American Astronomical Society and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. A poster presentation described AWB’s mission and activities, while a well attended slide presentation described The
World at Night (TWAN), including many spectacular images. The ASP portion of the conference targeted preparation for the
International Year of Astronomy 2009 IYA2009). AWB is an IYA2009 Organizational Node and TWAN is a Special IYA2009 Project.

The Annual General Conference of AWB Affiliate International Dark Sky Association included another presentation on TWAN. TWAN’s images of Earth and sky in places both dark and light polluted were a crowd favorite. AWB and TWAN are working with the Dark Skies awareness Cornerstone Project of IYA2009 to organize a photo contest to be announced at a later date.

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