Touch UniverseFriends and members of Astronomers Without Borders can help share the wonders of the universe with visually impaired children around the world by contributing funds to the “A Touch of the Universe” project. The aim of the project is to create 30 tactile astronomy kits and get them into the hands of teachers in underdeveloped countries of the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

The project aims to raise € 3,200 to support creation and distribution of the kits. Please help out and donate today by visiting

Each kit will include the soundtrack for the planetarium show “The Sky In Your Hands” and a half-sphere engraved with constellations that will allow visually impaired listeners to feel the star formations described in the show and follow along. Already in Spanish and Portugese, “The Sky In Your Hands” will be translated into English as part of the project. The kits also will include a tactile 3-D Moon globe, activity guides, braille prints by the From Earth To The Universe Project, and a copy of The Little Moon Phase Book by Noreen Grice.

While designed for children with impaired vision, the kits will be helpful for teenagers, adults, and sighted persons as well, especially those who are tactile learners. The kits, when completed, will be distributed through the networks of UNAWE, the Galileo Teacher Training program, and AWB, which is an official partner in the project. Learn more at