by Simon Kregar

Who am I and what do I do?

Hi, my name is Simon Kregar and I am a fine artist working in Tucson, Arizona. My artistic focus is integrating my passion for science with my love of art. I am particularly interested in portraying our relationship with the universe, the human experience of becoming aware of our place and our connections to it.

SimonKregar1a 600
"That's One heck of a Big Leap" 

We live at an unparalleled time in human history, where science has allowed us to leave the cradle and confront the awesome reality of the cosmos. I wish to share this wonderment of not only the physical universe, but also those who work to unravel its mysteries. I am passionate about continuing to promote scientific figures through my art as well man's relationship with the universe through the eyes of some of the first people to venture out into the void.

Ever since I was a kid, I've had an enormous interest in the sciences; everything from quantum physics to anthropology. One of my first memories was of the Apollo 11 moon landing and my excitement as I watched it. I grew up on a diet of Star Trek and Cosmos. In high school and college, I devoured any scientific textbook I could find. Art runs deep in my family and I eventually I found myself with the opportunity to follow my passion and have never looked back.

SimonKregar1b 600
"Lost Moon"

I have been an artist most of my adult life, but it was only about five years ago that I became very interested in science education. I realized that I could combine both my passions, art and science, to communicate my wonderment and awe for the universe and those who enrich our understanding in the cosmos in which we live. I subscribe to the school of Neuroesthetics which takes a scientific approach to the study of aesthetic perceptions of art and music. Professionally, I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best Astronomical Artists as well as Astronauts and Planetary Scientists working today. Being able to see through their eyes, bounce ideas back and forth is a hallmark of the small group of artists working in this genre.
I try to serve the most basic function of fine art through my work, that of inspiration.

My hope is to help build a common culture founded in science and rational thought combined with an understanding of who and where we are in the Universe. I also have my heroes who inspire me, those people that have changed the world through their passion and work and unwavering dedication to determine the nature of reality. I feel that it is important we not only remember these people, but honor them in a way that is fitting of their respective achievements.

SimonKregar1c 600
"The Wanderer"

Currently, I just finished curating work and developing art for the Worldview Headquarters and Spaceport Tucson, I am a Trustee on the Board of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) and am a Co-Founder of the Tucson Chapter of the IAAA. During the coming weeks, I wish to explore the science of art, beauty, and perception and how these relate to my work. I hope you will enjoy it!


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  • 04 March 2017
    Congratulations Simon! I enjoyed reading your article and learning more about your science/art background. Your art always grabs my attention.
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