Le Voyage dans la Lune (2011-2012) is a black and white film composed of 26 “moonbounced” images of the lunar phases by Daniela de Paulis. Watch the video and join the Q&A live online during GAM 2013 on 20 April at 18:00 -18:30 UT on Cosmoquest.

Daniela luna


In September 2011, an amateur radio operator in Brazil transmitted the 26 images to the Moon in sequence, and the Dwingeloo radio telescope in the Netherlands received the signals after they reflected off of the Moon.  Because of the distance the radio signals traveled on their trip to the Moon and back, some data was lost along the way, giving the images a unique appearance.

Visual artist and filmmaker Daniela de Paulis conceived a technology called “visual moonbounce,” which she used to realize Le Voyage dans la Lune.  The artist has used “visual moonbounce” extensively in her project OPTICKS, a live performance between the Earth and the Moon.  Japan Aerospace Expoloration Agency (JAXA) provided the sound for La Voyage dans la Lune; the sound is based on data from the lunar orbiting satellite Selene/Kaguya.  This film is the first attempt to use “moonbounce” with moving images, and is thus singular in its basis and conception.


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