Serene Universe DVDbox"Do you look up on a clear night and gaze in wonder at the stars deep in the Universe? They provoke inspiration and awe, a moment of calm, quiet, and peace in our hectic world. Serene Universe combines the awe of the Universe with these healing moments of serenity. It is a unique one hour film experience in which images and music are intimately intertwined. Starting on our beautiful planet, Serene Universe takes you slowly above the Earth, into the Solar System, the Galaxy, Deep Space and finally your inner space. Serene Universe is an entirely independent project by Maarten Roos and William Zeitler."

Watch the movie online on 27 April, 19:00 UT - 20:30 UT at Cosmoquest.



Artisti bio:

Maarten Roos is a science filmmaker and planetary scientist. Most of his films are related to science and technology. He has made over 40 films and he has two broadcast credits: the film "Spiral Galaxy: the Milky Way unravelled", made together with filmmaker Pieter-Rim de Kroon from Amsterdam and broadcast in 2009 on Dutch TV, and the film Between Mars and Svalbard, broadcast in Portugal in 2012. Serene Universe is a new project, together with composer William Zeitler, with whom Maarten has been working for several years.

William Zeitler has been a musician for over five decades. William is one of a handful of professional players on the ‘glass armonica’, an instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin and for which Mozart composed, on which he has performed around the world including at the Kennedy Center and in film scores such as the recently released Dangerous Creatures. He has composed and produced 10 CDs, and the scores for a dozen films including Entre Marte & Svalbard (Between Mars & Svalbard) which aired on Portuguese national TV (RTP2).


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