R: How long have you been doing this and how did you learn?

C: I’ve been doing it for 23 years. I started by watching my brothers in law and wanted to try. When they let me do it the first time and showed me a few things I liked it. I’ve been doing it ever since.

R: How long have you been here at Venice?

C: From the beginning, in the background in the very beginning, but soon after I started running my own booth. 23 years I’ve been here at Venice Beach. Some people move around from place to place doing this, maybe up to San Francisco or Oregon, or over to Las Vegas. I’ve been here the whole time. I don’t move around. I have a family and live in LA.


R: How much do you sell your work for?

C: The large ones are $20. If you want me to make a custom one for you right now, I ask $25. The size is 20”X28”, standard, so you can buy a frame anywhere easy. I make the small ones for $10.

R: How is business these days?

C: Some days are slow, today is going to be a slow day, I can tell. Bur generally, it is not bad. There are a lot of youtube videos of people doing similar art and that helps. People come looking for it because they saw it on youtube or something. I have a few videos on youtube, but there are so many. An average day, I might sell 4 or 5. It is not easy because gas is so expensive, and I have to haul all of my equipment here every day from Los Angeles and set it up. They are long days.


R: What is your favorite thing to paint?

C: I like planets. They are the most fun. I think people like the ones with planets in them better, also. Maybe the sea with a sunset, and some planets. Maybe a space colony in the background?

R: I notice that most of the subject matter you deal with involves space. Is space and astronomy a big inspiration to you?

C: Yes, I’ve always loved stars and planets. They are so fascinating! We don’t always get to see them here in L.A., because there is so much light from the city blocking our view of and night sky, so its good to get out, to go away from the city. I take my family to the observatory some days. Maybe that is why I like to paint it so much. Most people take it for granted.



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