by Mirosław Wójcik, Nowy Sącz, Poland

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Ignition sequence initiated
We have main engine start
Three, two, one… Meanwhile…

Let’s fasten our seatbelts
because we are setting out
in a fascinating journey
on unusual holidays far,
far upward above the clouds

We will anchor in the orbit
and be glancing how far away
below us, on the Earth life goes on
in its own a bit crazy pace

When we reach our destination
we do not settle in a few-stars hotel
but under six ones and we will be
looking round for another vehicle
swishing on the highways of the Universe

Our home – planet Earth; blue nodule
submerged in the infinity of the cosmos;
a billionth part of multi-billion
population of stars, planets
and undiscovered civilizations

In the state of decreased
gravitation we will not
sense difficulty of
excess of eaten calories

The journey to the stars;
already available, accessible
however not yet for the masses

Mirosław Wójcik | 10th of January 2018 | Nowy Sącz, Poland

View towards the Great Attractor / credit: ESO


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