by Mirosław Wójcik

A collision of huge volumes and solids of masses;
destabilisation of orbits, conflagration of destruction
which aftermath can be some new planet

A collision of invisible (matter with anti-matter)
as particles in enormous tunnel of LHC*
in order to find divine one
called the boson of Higgs

An eruption of enormous quantity of energy so that
the beginnings of existence, genesis of planet Terra
and millions of two-footed creatures stepping on it
could be explained

We are different worlds for ourselves as well
Unknown ones. Only outer layer can be seen
which protects this what is deeply hidden
under the coat of personality

In the quest of a twin particle or
similar one to defined standard at least
we collide our own worlds of
characters, opinions, and convictions

As a result of these more
or less intended collisions
differently charged emotions
crawl out of us secretly

As components of Greek „atomos”
divided into three states, they throw us
positively, neutrally or negatively
and when magnetism still comes to this

incredible worlds will collide again
to remain unity forever or to be
split out irrevocably


*LHC – Large Hadron Collider


Mirosław Wójcik,
December 4th 2017,
Nowy Sącz, Poland


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