by Danny Best - Mount Dora, Florida, USA

eso image  Lupus 3
Image Credit: ESO/F. Comeron. The image shows a dark cloud where new stars are forming, along with a cluster of brilliant stars that have already emerged from their dusty stellar nursery. The new picture was taken with the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile and is the best image ever taken in visible light of this little-known object. More info here.


I know of this…really
very special place
where our dreams can go
to perfect...and to play

we don’t even have to
direct them there…for
they already…instinctively
know their own way

’tis the one constant shelter
inside every dream voyager’s
private celestial gateway

a universal safe haven
for all cosmic navigators
to journey to and anchor into
“ancient time corridors”…tethered
to their every yesterday

set well beyond the outer cusp…of our
amazingly mystical…Milky Way

magically infused by the stunning “sense of”
an enormous…star-fired…lighthouse
fully illuminating…an infinitely brilliant

Dreamer’s Bay

yeah…I know of this really…very special place

Vol. #6
Sandman the Dreamer
Danny Best


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