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Welcome to the AWB AstroPoetry Blog, where we feature contributions from astropoets around the world.

This Dark Skies Awareness blog aims to increase understanding of the need to preserve our dark skies and improve conditions in light-polluted areas. This special blog will have posts throughout Global Astronomy Month.

Light pollution is the artificial brightening of night skies and has negative impacts on wildlife, human health, energy, and safety—in addition to the loss of a beautiful sky and our cultural heritage that it provides  Throughout this blog, you will find articles ranging from basic information about light pollution to detailed analysis of new research and discoveries.  By informing public outreach with scientific insights, the blog will provide a forum for understanding just how much humanity needs its dark night sky.

Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) in collaboration with the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) and Globe at Night (GaN) will be writing the blog together—bringing into focus the thoughts of scientists, amateur astronomers, citizen scientists, and anyone that has an interest in gaining and sharing knowledge.

Follow Mike Simmons travels as he returns to Iran for the first time in several years.  Many things have changed but most remain the same, especially the enthusiasm of the young astronomy community.

Connecting American astronomers with Iranians and seeing the results was the seed of the idea for Astronomers Without Borders.  What will he find now?

 AstroArts is an artists lead program, co-founded by visual artist Daniela de Paulis and astronomer Thilina Heenatigala.

The AstroArts Blog features artistic works inspired by the Cosmos and Space research.


Welcome to the Global Astronomy Month 2014 Blog! Every day throughout April 2014 a new post was written by a different author. Professionals and amateurs, journalists and observers, from countries around the world, they all brought a special perspective on doing astronomy and sharing it with others.