Sabah Stargazers

About Us

The idea behind the foundation of Sabah Stargazers was very simple – curiosity about the night sky, desire to learn more about processes in space and of course bring people with similar interests together and have lots of fun! So far, so good. This is not a society designed just for people studying Astrophysics. Most of our members come from different backgrounds and we have managed to learn new things together and experience astronomy at its full!

What do we do?

Since our inception, we had a variety of events. Normally, we have meetings once a week or once every fortnight. We discuss different subjects in the field of Astronomy through hands-on, workshops and afterwards we continue socializing with a Teh Tarik Session at Mamaks. We also organize observation nights (when the sky is clear and the temperatures not too low) in Sabah darkest pit along the west coast shores.. We also try to be involved in charity events organized by ANGKASA, KAAM and we also do professional services!! For those who are more into science the society participates in a NASA’s Killer asteroid project. There are also organized visits to the Planeterium Negara & Langkawi National Observatory when more people are interested in doing that.


Location:No 160, Kg Sungai Padang, Papar, Sabah, 89600

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