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AOYA first established by Mr. Eyad S. Khailany, Head of Science at CISK in Arbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq, in  the beginning of 2015. The idea was to help spreading and increasing awarness of school kids and families of the importance of astronomy. With one simple 6" reflecting telescope and the vast knowledge of the founder in astronomy, AYOA has achieved a tremendous success with the first three months. Right now, the database of member has topped over a hundred.

We have forseen a lot of potentials in these kids with an increasing passion towards astronmy, not only for stargazing but even extended to learning about stars lifecycle, black holes, the big bang and dark energy!

The association is still poor in resources and seeks support from the world of science.

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Jun 02

Star Party

Last night AOYA star party and casual observation session sponsored by Shakespeare's & Co. Erbil. During this event, both kids and grown ups have enjoyed and appreciated the thorough look...

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Apr 01

AOYA Stargazing Session

On the night of Friday, April 1st. AOYA members and guests spent some valuable quality time observing the magnificent planet Jupiter and many other DSO's. Our kids also were briefed...

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Mar 27

Zodiacal light in the western skies after dark

AOYA kids have skilfully captured this wide field image of the constellation Orion with much of its surroundings in the western skies right after nightfall. The Zodiacal Light is very...

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Mar 19

Astronomy for the School Kids in Kurdistan

AOYA in Erbil, KRG (Northern Iraq) gathers school kids regularily to teach them the fundemental basics of Astronomy. AOYA usually arranges night time observation sessions too. This image of...

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Location:Cambridge International School in Kurdistan CISK, Bakhtyari District, Arbil, Arbil, 12254
Email:Head of Science
Phone:00964 7508172969

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