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Member Reports from Ferlin Pedro

Jun 15

Star Party at the Seawall in Georgetown

Guyana has gorgeous dark skies. So naturally, it would be ideal for star parties. A star party is when a group of people gather to observe the wonders of the universe using a telescope, and have discussions on space and time. Back in May 2016, I got the idea to host a ‘star party' due to an increasing outpour of interest in observing the night sky from friends and family who kept asking me when I would be available to take my telescope out so they too can experience the wonders of the universe we live in. So I created... Read More...

Apr 08

Jupiter-Venus Conjunction in Guyana

Last year, 2015, I bought an astrograph telescope (254mm) online and other components recommended to go with it, including an EQ mount and photographic accessories. I've been actively imaging the night sky ever since; learning the field of astronomy and astrophotography. One of the things that fascinates me about the night sky is how wonderful it is, especially through a telescope that reveals all its glory and grandeur. The celestial objects are nothing less than a grand spectacular show, almost purposely display the need to be observed. During the Jupiter-Venus conjunction last year, I took my equipment out to our... Read More...