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Member Reports from Société Haïtienne d'Astronomie

Aug 12

Exoplanet naming contest

The International Astronomical Union has launched the seconde edition of exoplanet naming. See the official site for more detail: In Haiti, we will give a name for the star HD 1502 (a k type star) & its exoplanet HD 1502b (a giant gazeous planet) throu online platforms: & I wish for each of you that their respective country is engaged in this contest. I wish that any Haitians visiting this forum would join this adventure for our culture and history on space: Read More...

Aug 12

Mesurer l'Univers

If you are francophone, don't miss this MOOC from Observatoire de Paris: Mesurer l'Univers Mesurer l'Univers Calendrier: Inscription en cours.... Fin des inscricption: 20 octobre 2019 Debut des cours: 23 septembre 2019 Fin des cours: 11 novemvre 2019 Effort estime a 4 h / semaine Read More...

Dec 22

Whatsapp astronomy group in french

Our association of amateur astronomers (Societe Haitienne d'Astronomie) has opened a Whatsapp forum to discuss and share astronomy data and news. We would like to invite french speaking astronomers to interact with us and help us learning more and even help up having better strategies for a better astronomy develipmen in our country. Interested person could reach our Whatsapp group here . This link is fonctionning now....but sometimes for security reason, we could be forced to revoque it and change it. If it happens that you could not reach the group and still want to communicate with us about... Read More...

Aug 29

Finishing the project of astronomy broadcast.

We have finished with success the project " Astronomie en Equilibre " on June 26, 2016. We have had the last radio emission show about basic astronomy for Haitians. The last topic discussed was the Big Bang theory, explaining the most accepted guess of the origin of the Universe. We had had a total of 26 show episodes made, each Thursday at 6hPM, made principally by Dr Rulx Narcisse (the founder and actual President of the Haitian Astronomical Society) and sometime present at the show was MarcRony Deroses, a young enthusiast about astronomy. We have made some special celebrations in... Read More...

Apr 10

Planning for Yuri's Night 2016 in Haiti

We are actively preparing the worldwide celebration Yuri's Night, remembering the adventure of the first man who went to space. We plan two days for that celebration: April 12, 2016 at Bon Repos (near Port-au-Prince): It is a 2 part party. The first one with chilfren from a primary school (at 10 :00 AM) where space cartoons and Yuri Gagarine video will be projected. Followed by games and drink. We will have the chance to have an international journalist with us for this part of the event. - On the afternoon (5:00 PM), we will be meeting with reginal members... Read More...

Apr 01

Basic astronomy on radio

We just finished an on air show about basic astronomy in Equilibre FM (90.9 FM). This afternoon, we presented the dwarf planets, the comets,the kuiper belt, the trans-Neptunian Objets and the Oort cloud. It is in Haitian creole: you may see it on our Blog: or directly on Youtube ( ). The archives of past emissions could be reached too: This activity on radio has been possible thanks to the BIG project of Astronomers Without Borders. Read More...

Mar 19

GAM 2016 Trailer-French Version Attempt

We have made a voluntary french translation of the GAM 2016 trailer. Plese view it at and feel free to comment. Read More...

Mar 16

New episode of astronomy radio show scheduled for tomorrow

Tomorrow, on 90.9 FM (Equilibre FM), we will have a new episode of "Astronomie en Equilibre" an emission about basic astronomy for Haitian public. The subject for this episode is the asteroids belt, Mars and Jupiter. This project is possible with the help of Astronomers Without Borders who organized a successfull fundraising ( ). It is possible to follow live this emission (in creole of course): We have to thank our donors for this show: Karen Jay, Elise Watts, Dionis Gauvin, Patricia Figueiro Spinelli, Fabio Del Sordo, Erwin Roessler, Michael Mills, Aparna Dasgupta, James Durbano. Stay tuned! Read More...

Mar 15

Astronomy Radio Show in Haiti

Our project of basic astronomy diffusion to Haitian public is actually on going on the station "Equilibre FM", reachable at 90.9 FM in the region of Artibonite, a department in Haiti. We have been able to do this activity with the aids of donors throu the fund rainsing organized by AWB (Big Impact Giving Project). Interrested in what we are doing in the project, please visit the page: where you may have access to live or archive of the emissions (on clicking on life stream). The show is done on creole. As said, we had had a successfull campaign throu... Read More...