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Member Reports from Fernando Roquel Torres

Jun 02

Faces of Planet Mars

Compilation of several catches of planet Mars from Caguas, Puerto Rico. In this picture you can see several changes as the definition of the polar caps and cloud cover due to rotation and climate changes of the red planet It is remarkable to see the region of Tharsis and Olympus Mons covered with a cloud. Major Sytris regions, Arabia and Aeria and the great desert Amazonis largely dominates these catches. For these photos, a view of the sky dome fairly clean of dust and haze is required. A larger telescope 8 "opening for the resolution of the object and a... Read More...

May 24

Opposition of Mars May 22, 2016

The opposition of Mars means when the red planet and the sun are on opposite sides of the sky. Mars looks in the east at sunset, amounting almost to be above our heads at midnight, and glows a bright orange color that is almost 10 times brighter than a star of the first magnitude. This event occurs every 26 months (Science @ NASA). The event began on Sunday May 22, 2016 in Caguas, Puerto Rico. I began to prepare to capture this astronomical event. The weather did not help much as they had many clouds and windy. I am preparing... Read More...

May 17

Leo Triplet

This photo was captured in Feb 6, 2016 in Caguas, Puerto Rico. It's a compilation of 50 frames of 60 sec each. I used the astronomical equipment Meade LX90, Celestron Advance VX Mount, Canon Rebel EOS 450D XSi, Orion Autoguider. I used editing software PixInsight and GIMP for processing and plate solving and image annotate. For more information of this photo, go to this hyperlink: Read More...

May 10

Tránsito de Mercurio - Mayo 9, 2016

En la mañana del 9 de mayo del 2016, se presentía un ánimo de observación generalizada hacia el Sol algo timido debido a las constantes nubes que se presentaba en el entorno. Ya se presentaba avisos del tránsito de Mercurio en todos los medios noticiosos y prensa, evento que ocure 13 veces cada 100 años. Astrónomos y Astrofotógrafos Aficionados en todo el hemisferio se preparaban desde temprano sus equipos para poder observar y capturar ese evento único. En San Juan Puerto Rico, yo estaba haciendo lo propio, preparando mi camara Nikon Coolpix P500, el tripode y el filtro solar Seymor... Read More...

May 05

NGC4038 / NGC4039 - The Antennae Galaxies

NGC4038 / NGC4039 - The Antennae Galaxies. Galactic collision sharing stellar material seen in the constellation Corvus. Both galaxies are in 45 million light years of Milky Way This photo was caught in april 26, 2015 in Caguas, Puerto Rico in average conditions. Technical details: 15 frames x 600 sec Meade LX90, Antares reducer f/6.3, Orion Sirius EQ-G Mount, Orion Autoguider, Celestron Nightscape 8300 CCD Color. I include this Video - Blog where i explain some information about this galaxies. Read More...

Apr 29

Marte Con Arte - MACU GAM 2016

Marte Con Arte - MACU is an exhibition on a model of Planet Mars made of resin with reliefs of the most important environments of the red planet. Allows blind people to feel with their hands and transported to places like the Tharsis region, Mount Olympus ( Olympus Mons ) Gale Crater , The deserts of Utopia and Aeria, Valles Marineris and the South Pole . O ther exhibitions on the Moon was also submitted, the Sun, a model of the Arecibo Observatory among others. This was presented by Dr. Gloria Maria Izidro Villamizar , the blind sculptor and lecturer... Read More...

Apr 24

Charla "Astronomía y Astrofotografía para Aficionados" GAM 2016

We thank everyone who attended the educational talk and astronomical observation "Astronomía y Astrofotografía parea Aficionados " in Complex Technological Innovation at the University of Turabo in Gurabo, Puerto Rico last April 23, 2016 from 7:30 pm. T he use of the most common telescopes and planetary astrophotography, comets, nebulae, planetary nebulae and galaxies captured in the dark sky of Caguas, Puerto Rico was demonstrated. astronomical observation was also made to the planet Jupiter with its Galilean moons and a unique journey into the craters on the Moon projected live on a giant screen which all present learned and were... Read More...

Apr 20

Studies on the Moon - Mons Pico (Mount Pico)

I share this study conducted on the Moon from Caguas, Puerto Rico 4/15/2016 - 7:30 pm. The approach was to Mount Pico. 2,400 m = 37km (measuring shadow) x 3.7 tg (Altitude of the Sun at the time) Read More...

Apr 17

Activity "Vamos a Observar la Luna y al Planeta Jupiter!" GAM 2016

We want to thank the more than 50 people who attended the activity of Global Astronomy Month 2016 "Vamos a observar la Luna y al Planeta Jupiter" presented at the Passive Park Borinquen Valley I in Urb. Borinquen Valley in Caguas Puerto Rico this last Saturday April 16, 2016 from 8pm to 11pm. An educational lecture on astrophotography, astronomy and the use of telescopes for amateur astronomer Erica Felix Correa and Amateur Astrophotographer Fernando Roquel Torres. Shown astronomical observations were also made to the Craters of the Moon and the planet Jupiter with telescopes for the present while projected live... Read More...

Apr 13

M8 - Lagoon Nebula

This photo is captured on 8/26/2014 in Caguas, Puerto Rico in average condition. It's 10 x 200 sec. Astronomical Equipment Meade LX90, Antares Reducer f/6.3, Celestron Advance VX Mount, Celestron Nightscape 8300 CCD Color. I include this video for explain this Nebula Read More...

Apr 11

The Moon and Star Aldebaran Conjunction

The Moon and the Star Aldebaran from Caguas, Puerto Rico 4/10/2016 - 7:40pm UT -4:00. I capture this photo with the Nikon Coolpix P500 Camera in average condition. GAM 2016 Read More...

Apr 06

M104 - Sombrero Galaxy

This is the capture i made of the M104 - Sombrero Galaxy in Caguas, Puerto Rico in march 24, 2014 in Caguas, Puerto Rico. It's 50 frames of 50 seconds each. Have a dense core that supposed a supermassive black hole. I include this video that i demostrate some information of m104 and this astrophotography. Read More...

Apr 04

Planet Jupiter with GRS - GAM 2016

Planet Jupiter with GRS starting the GAM 2016 (April 3, 2016 - 22:30) Timezone -4:00. Caguas, Puerto Rico Meade LX90, Orion Sirius EQ-G, Celestron Barlow Luminos 2.5X, Celestron NexImage 5. (RGB32 1280 x 720 - 25.27 fps) Read More...

Apr 01

M27 - Dumbbell Nebula

M27 - Dumbbell Nebula Caguas, Puerto Rico 7/4/2014 This capture was made on average conditions. It's 32 frames of 100 secs. The astronomical equipment was Meade LX90, Celestron Advance VX Mount, Celestron Nightscape 8300 CCD Color Camera, Orion Autoguider. The software was its processed is PixInsight and Gimp. I include this video on Youtube you make planetary nebulae and the future of our sun Read More...

Mar 30

Planet Jupiter with GRS and moon IO

Greetings friends in astronomy and astrophotography ! I share my product tonight . Planet Jupiter with GRS and the moon IO . From Caguas , Puerto Rico . 3/29/2016 - 10:30 pm. This capture was 4 mins (6000 frames) . Read More...

Mar 29

Planet Jupiter in Monday!

This photo of planet Jupiter is result of a capture of 4 mins (6000 frames) with Celestron NexImage 5 with no bidding setup in ICap software. The average condition weather and some clouds have present. From Caguas, Puerto Rico 3/28/2016 - 10:40 pm Read More...

Mar 28

An unexpected visitor on the moon from our perspective

We share this landscaper capture 3/23/2016 at 8pm from Caguas , Puerto Rico. A bird would be found in the Mare Imbrium from our perspective ? It's a Red Tail Hawk , or pigeon? discuss Read More...

Mar 27

M17 - Omega, Swan Nebula!

I share this astrophoto that i captured in July 4, 2014 of M17 - Omega, Swan Nebula from Caguas, Puerto Rico. It's 39 photos of 100 secs and was proccesed with PixInsight. I include this video of Astrofotografia y Ciencia YouTube Channel that I lecture about of this nebulae. (In Spanish Language) Read More...

Mar 22

Moon and Jupiter Conjunction 3/21/2016 - 8:30pm

This photo was captured in Caguas, Puerto Rico in march 21 2016 - 8:30 pm. I used Nikon Coolpix P500 Camera in manual mode, f/5.7, iso 400, 1 sec, MF. This capture was realized in average condition. Moon and Jupiter Conjunction. Read More...

Mar 20

Annual Earth Hour 2016 - Caguas, Puerto Rico

Greetings: We want to thank all the people who gathered to enjoy a astronomical educational talk with telescopes projected on a giant screen in the "Earth Hour Earth" in the Passive Park in Urb. Boriquen Valley I in Caguas, Puerto Rico on Saturday March 19 from 7pm to 9pm, which was extended until 11pm to answer all questions from the audience. the finest details in the Jovian bands on the planet Jupiter presented 4 Galilean Moons (IO Ganymede, Callisto and Europa) and splendorous details within the craters, seas, cliffs and mountains of our natural satellite the Moon. This presents Astrofotografia... Read More...

Mar 16

The moon - first quarter 45%

This photo was captured in Caguas, Puerto Rico in march 15, 2016 at 9:20pm with clear and warm night skies. The camera i used is Nikon Coolpix P500. I proccesed with Gimp. The moon has a first quarter 45% It's see that the moon have a face with the craters of Mare Crisium, Mare Tranquilitatis and Mare Fecunditatis and Mare Serenitatis. Read More...

Mar 10

Planet Jupiter and Galilean moons

This capture of Planet Jupiter with Galilean moons was made in Caguas, Puerto Rico 3/9/2016 - 8:55 pm. I used Telescope Meade LX90, Orion Sirius EQ-GT, Celestron NexImage 5, Barlow 2x. The video capture have 5000 frames. It's processed with Registax 6, PixInsight and GIMP. Celebrating the Planet Jupiter's Opposition Read More...

Feb 24

M42 - Orion Nebula and Trapezium Cluster

I share my work of M42 - Orion Nebula and The Trapezium Cluster which illuminates the whole complex of hydrogen clouds. This work is a compilation photos from 2013 to 2016 from Caguas, Puerto Rico. The evolution of astrophotography I practice and as far as I may get my equipment in my constant search of astronomical knowledge. I invite you to view this videoblog (In Spanish Only) of the study of this capture of M42 - Orion Nebula and The Trapezium. Read More...

Feb 17

C/2013 US Comet Catalina & M101 - Pinwheel Galaxy

From the Oort cloud on a path taken millions of years ago, today it can be displayed at its closest point to Earth the comet C / 2013 US10, also known as "Catherine". Among the Big Dipper and Polaris (North Star), at a distance of 110 million kilometers from Earth, Catherine comes from a region on the outskirts of the solar system called the Oort cloud, which is an area where it was the "rubble" (hundreds of millions of these objects) of the formation of the solar system; their interaction with one of those stars his career might have originated.... Read More...

Jan 11

Planets Saturn and Venus Conjunction 1/9/2016

For all enthusiast of astronomy / astrophotography people around the world. I share my capture for the conjunction of planets Saturn and Venus from Caguas, Puerto Rico 1/9/2016 - 5:20am. I used the astronomical equipment Meade LX90, Antares Reducer F/6.3 with the NexImage 5 Planetary Camera. Both planets fits in focal field of the planetary camera. I controlled the gain and exposure manually for not overexposure of planets. Read More...