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Member Reports from Johannes Stübler

Jul 29

Mars Opposition & Total Mooneclipse

On July 27 2018 we had a public viewing event at our local observatory. It was a thrilling event, because at the beginning many clouds in southeast blocked the view. But "hope dies last" and the sky cleared more and more. About 1000 people visited our small observatory. Of course we had some portable scopes to offer a view to the moon and the red planet. Before and in between we could offer Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Mars was not so pretty because at our latitude he is very low and the seeing is bad. However everybody was happy and... Read More...

May 15

400-Year-Anniversary 3rd Kepler Law

Johannes Kepler - the man who opened the door to space. The 15. May 1618 – the day the famous Astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571 – 1630), a German natural philosopher, mathematican, astronomer, astrologer, optican and evangelic theologian, wrote history. After decades of hard work he discovered the truth behind the motion of planets. “De motibus planetarum“, as it's called in the original Latin written title of Book V in Harmonices Mundi – published in 1619 in Linz Austria. Triumphing he declared his 3rd Law: “It's dead sure and is true, that the proportion existing between the period of revolution of... Read More...

May 05

GAM2018 - Austria

We had fine weather here in Austria - not taken for granted in April ;-) - so the members of our local astronomy association " Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft " could start our "Global Starparty" on April 21. Even "Sunday" on April 22. was nice ....... ... and we could show to the visitors some sunspots :-) Our AWB-affiliate "Sternfreunde Steyr" had a successfull sun-observing-event at " Starpark Hohe Dirn - Observatory ". Many mountain hikers and children passed the observatory and catched a look to the sun. So GAM2018 was successfully again and we could spread to many people the... Read More...

Jan 15

The first Austrian Space Ball

This weekend 13.01.2018 - 14.01.2018 the first Austrian Space Ball happened. This extraordinary ball – the first Austrian Space Ball, a glittering ball night as well as a close look into space, at the magnificent “Palais Niederoesterreich” in the heart of Vienna, was organized by the Austrian Space Forum , celebrating their 20th anniversary. This event offered a comfortable plattform for space science, where research facilities could meet space industry. I had the honor & pleasure to be one of the members of the honorary committee, where I represented the sector of astronomy. Honorary committee members Christian Brünner Space lawyer... Read More...

Dec 05

"In Flight Call" to ISS at AEC-Linz

Following a short report and some images from yesterday's event at Ars Electronica Center (AEC) Linz / AUSTRIA AEC is collaborating directly with ESA (European Space Agency) and holds the role beeing an official european-space-education-ressource-office called ESERO. I reported about that already last year. On Monday 4 December, teachers and students from the Czech Republic, Austria, Finland, and Italy have been connected live by video connection with ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli, currently living and working on the International Space Station (ISS). Teachers and students have been asking questions directly to Paolo Nespoli about the challenges and adventures of living in... Read More...

Apr 20

Donating a minor planet during GAM2017

Yesterday, April 19th 2017, I had the pleasure to organize a very special event during GAM2017. Our local astronomical society (LAG) is running an observatory outpost in the northernwest countryside of Linz. This outpost is situated in the municipal area of Gramastetten. They host us for more than 20 years, so we decided to say officially thankyou to the local municipal and to all people there supporting us, especially our local landlord, an organic farmer who is supporing us in any matters for decades. How should we do this ? What's a convenient gift for this? ...... Right ! Naming... Read More...

Apr 14

Yuri's Night 2017 - Vienna

On 12th of April 2017, as every year since 2009, the local Viennese-Association- "Der ORION" celebrated Yuri's Night. Together with the "Austrian Space Forum" (OEWF) and partners from space science & industry. The accompanying programm included top-class lectures and a visit from an femal Italian ISS astronaut - Samantha Cristoforetti - and the yearly awards show "Polarsternpreis" (Polarstarprize) given to people who enthuse people for space, space travel, space science & astronomy. Following some photographic impressions of this great evening in the NHM (Natur Historisches Museum): Andreas Weise ( telling about a forgetten Russian Cosmonaut Mag. Christa Bernert from the... Read More...

Apr 03

GAM2017-Opening Event - Global Starparty

Again this year members of our local astronomical society (LAG - Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft) startet the Global Astronomy Month joining to the Global Starparty on Saturday evening 1. April 2017. Many walkers crossing the main square of Linz stopped at our little GAM-Astronomy-exhibition. We offered to these interested people a look through our telescopes (mainly focused on the moon - we had several clouds ) and told them a lot about stargazing and all activities around the globe and about activities at our local observatory. Of course, "One People, One Sky" was the main message of our evening. All people... Read More...

Mar 10

Promoting GAM2017 at CEDIC'17 opening

Jerry Bonnell and me promoting Global Astronomy Month 2017 @ opening event of CEDIC'17 The Central European Deepsky Imaging Conference (CEDIC) was introduced in 2009 by the three Austrian hobby-astrophotographers Christoph Kaltseis, Herbert Raab and Wolfgang Leitner. It was the first international astronomical imaging conference throughout Europe and their personal contribution to the International Year of Astronomy 2009. Certainly it was not an accident that the date of the CEDIC encountered with the "100 Hours of Astronomy". Far from it! The organizers also wanted to support this project of the IYA with their conference. Since 2009 the conference takes place... Read More...

Jan 29

Worst lightpollution-attack in Austrian alps - ever!!!

Following some photographic impressions from my Tyrolean-astrofriends attacked by beams of light. A really hard attack to men and wildlife. Wondering events like these ( Festival of Light - Swarovski ) are authorized by the provincial government :-( ca. 500 floodlights ca. 1,000,000 lumens light intensity Hopefully this bad example does not catch on ! Some more picts showing the impact of lightbeams. Best regards Joe Read More...

Oct 23


Yesterday in Linz at AEC (Ars Electronica Center), ROLF HEMPEL , the Head of DLR's Simulation and Software Technology, presented, during the deep Space Astronomy Weekend, his breathtaking results using his great software "MoonPanoramaMaker". People who are interested in this stuff can find a discussion of this software on the U.S. astronomy forum "Cloudy Nights" see: HERE (starting with the post#20 on April 26, 2016). The software "MoonPanoramaMaker" and a handbook is provided: HERE Breathtaking views on the big video wall using the 8K equipment of AEC Rolf Hempel introduced by Andreas Bauer (Head of Ars Electronica Center) The high... Read More...

Oct 05

ASE2016 - XXIX Planetary Congress - Community Day in AUSTRIA

The Association of Space Explorers (ASE) brought together astronauts and cosmonauts from 37 nations here in Austria. HERE an overview about the participating astronauts, cosmonauts and taikonauts. Today many big public events during the ASE-Community-Day took place all over Austria. These events are organized by OEWF (Austrian Space Forum). A major focus is on inspiring the next generation of explorers in STEM subjects. In particular, school visits and the interaction with young professionals –which were carefully prepared by preceding projects- are a central element of the ASE 2016. Traditionally, space exploration also offers a leverage for gender topics and is... Read More...

Jun 22

European Space Education Ressource Office - “ESERO“ opened in Linz at Ars Electronica Center (AEC)

(Linz/Paris, 22.6.2016) Since today Ars Electronica Center Linz opened officially the Austrian "European Space Education Ressource Office“ - ESERO. It's the 13th office in Europe. Others are in Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denemark, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Great Britain. More to reade HERE Gerfried Stocker ( artist director and CEO of AEC ) opened the ceremony. He, and later Andreas Bauer, talked about the planned outreach activities of ESERO at AEC. The focus will be on STEM- activities, empowering teachers and students supported by the great technical, and visual capabilities of AEC. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, (Head... Read More...

Jun 17

Austrian AWB-Affiliate "ANTARES" opened a new solar observatory

On 11th of June 2016 a new solar observatory was opened. The Austrian AWB-affiliate ANTARES held a big opening ceremony. I had the big pleasure to be one of the guests officially representing AWB-Austria. ANTARES is a very vivid and active astronomical association in Lower Austria doing any kind of public outreach. Above the new self built dome housing some optical solar telescopes and a special solar-radio telescope beeing part of the world wide network e-Callisto . Of course, ANTARES beeing a partner of our Austrian-AWB-network is always supporting GAM (GLobal Astronomy Month) ! Above: The organisation's chairlady Gabriele Gegenbauer... Read More...

May 31

"Keplarium" - a fascinating project to honor Johannes Kepler

In 2018 the 400-year-anniversary of dedection of 3rd Kepler Law will be celebrated. Johannes Kepler published his 3rd law in the following year in "Harmonices Mundi" in Linz (Austria) where he lived from 1612 to 1626. A big, worldwide unique project will hopefully start during this anniversary. A group of dedicated Johannes Kepler fans presented during a media conference the cornerstones of the "Keplarium-project". Beeing a consultant in this project allow me proudly to present some details of this outstanding project. The location of the media conference was the old, famous living house of Johannes Kepler in Linz During the... Read More...

May 13

Mercury Transit - Public Viewing

Like many others in Austria we offered to visitors and walkers in our local town park a look to the Mercury transit on 9th May 2016. We had fine weather and we showed at our local Johannes-Kepler-Observatory the sun in white light and h-alpha light. Even at our outpost outside the city of Linz we had a little observing team showing this event to people of the neighborhood.Many people thought they can look to Mercury using sun eclipse glasses. They have been surprised that Mercury was so small and so they have been happy to see our smallest planet crossing... Read More...

Apr 17

GAM2016 - Global Star Party Event in Linz (AUSTRIA)

Yesterday evening hundreds of visitors could catch a glimpse through our telescopes set up at the main square of Linz ( the hometown of the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler from 1612-1626 ). For most of them it was the first time look through a telescope for their life. Getting in contact by this way we could tell much about astronomy, about AWB and our local astronomical society ( LAG ) and observatory. I am sure we could enthuse many of them with astronomy. The first time sight of Jupiter and his moons and the look at the surface of the... Read More...

Mar 18

AWB-Affiliate-Member finds the meteorite from March 6, 2016

On the evening of March 6, 2016 a spectacular meteor was seen over Upper Austria and Bavaria. Part of the all-sky image showing the fireball of March 6 obtained by the automatic digital all-sky fireball camera at the station of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute in Kocelovice (photo: ASÚ AV ČR). Michael Krippner, a member of our community “ Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft ” (LAG) , AWB-affiliate since 2009, has discovered the first fragment of the dropped down meteorite on 12 March. Photocredit: Sabine Krippner & Ondrejov-Observatoriums The rapid success in the search for the meteorite pieces was possible by the fact... Read More...

Mar 15

Promoting the Global Astronomy Month (GAM2016) and telling about the history of GAM

REGISTER YOUR GAM EVENT HERE Yesterday I gave a lecture about the Global Astronomy Month in my hometown Linz. I talked about the upcoming GAM2016 and something about the history of GAM and former events here in the "Wissensturm " (meaning "tower of knowledge") of Linz. It houses a common college and the big public library of the city. Following some screenshots of my presentation: Everything started in the International Year of Astronomy 2009 ... and GAM is now a kind of followup of the big global event "100 hours of Astronomy" ...... a living proof for the sustainability of... Read More...

Dec 27

Some astonishing details on Aldebaran's occultation by the moon.

On December 23rd 2015 an interesting detail was captured here at our local public observatory (Kepler Sternwarte Linz/Austria). Herbert Raab (chief of our local association) used an DSLR and our 130mm APO to make a video of the occultation. Due to the fact the RedGiant Aldebaran has an angular diameter of 0,02" (arcseconds) - which is equal observing a human hair at the distance of 500 meter !!! - the star did not suddenly disappear. The Moon's speed was about 0,55" per second which is equal ~0,01" between single videoframes - so we could capture the "fading-out" of the star.... Read More...

Sep 29

Different kind of Lunar-eclipse-observing (an attempt to make an indirectly Lunar Eclipse observing)

Due to cloudy weather, there was no chance to make an observation of this year's Super-Moon-eclipse. At first the local weatherforecast in the north of our hometown Linz/AUSTRIA wasn't so bad ....... ........ but when we arrived at our observing location we had following scenery: So what could we do ? Hope dies last and we decided to stay to wait for some holes in the clouds ..... they didn't come :-( In the meantime we used a DSLR, using a 8mm lens and took some pictures showing the cloudy sky during the whole time. So we decided to make... Read More...

Oct 19


One week meeting, listening and talking to people doing astronomy outreach programms everytime and everywhere around the globe. That happened at CAP2013 in Warsaw. Where else someone could feel better the joining spirit of astronomy and of our all ONE SKY ? So this was one of the reasons for me to join CAP first time. Of course, knowing that some AWB-people will join it, was one more reason to fly to Poland - the homecountry of Nicolaus Copernicus. Following some of my personal photographic impressions ...... A nice monument near the center of Warsaw remembering one of the most... Read More...

Jan 22


It isn`t easy to come in contact with Thailand-Astronomers. My first attempt to meet some members of The Thai Astronomical Society in Bangkok failed, even I had some contacts by e-mail there was no opportunity to arrange a meeting during my stay. After my roundtrip to Cambodia I returned again to Thailand to visit northern parts of the country. Here I tried again to come into contact. Again some e-mails awaked my hope. But the same: When I arrived nothing happened :-( So I took matters in my own hand and went up to the highest montain of Thailand, the... Read More...

Sep 02


During this years AEC-festivial (Slogan: THE BIG PICTURE - Creating a new conception for the world) some very famous "Astronomy- People" visited Linz again personaly "in real life" and virtual. At the instance of Dietmar Hager ( ) the AEC invited Warren Keller ( ) and Damian Peach ( ) to Linz. These famous astrophotographers gave on Saturday lectures about their outstanding astrophotographic work. On Sunday we had a live-skype connection to La Silla to the world best exoplanet telescope: ESO telscope - HARPS (High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher).Dr. Juri Beletsky and another scientiest gave us... Read More...

Aug 13

A WEEKEND FULL OF FUN - int. guests: Jerry Bonnell & Babak Tafreshi 10.-12. August 2012

The Austrian Astronomy&Space-Club ORION , who is running an German written APOD-mirror since about 5 Years invited for a special event in an old castle in Lower Austria. Jerry Bonnell and Babak Tafreshi followed this invitation and they gave some great lectures. This was a very familar and sociable meeting to talk, to discuss, to relax and to observe. Luckily we had the possibility to observe some Perseids during the last night. We had enough holes in the clouds :-) Of course Babak took as usual some nice TWAN-images we hopefully can see next time. In the meantime following a... Read More...