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Member Reports from Chuck Ruehle

Feb 04

The Teaching Continues: Space Clubs and more . . .

In mid January I was able to send resources to the 5 secondary schools to help them establish "Space Clubs" on campus. At that time I wrote to folks saying; "When I was with you in October, some of the teachers and Headmasters expressed a desire to start a “ Space Club ” at their school. I hope that each of the schools will be able to establish a club to make full use of the equipment and resources I shared with you. A Space Club will give interested students a chance to learn more about science, math, geography, and... Read More...

Dec 07

Telescopes To Tanzania -- The Rest of the Story

B irika !!! That’s the Swahili word used by teachers, students, and community members to name the teapot asterism in Sagittarius. With dark skies (magnitude 7 on the Great World Wide Star Count chart) it was great fun finding deep sky objects during a month-long teaching experience in northern Tanzania. In October I returned to Africa for a second year of teaching astronomy, optics and light. I shared my love of astronomy and left almost 250 pounds of equipment and resources with five secondary and two elementary schools on Mt. Meru (4,566 meters).  Each of the seven schools received either... Read More...

Dec 05

Telescopes to Tanzania

Initial report from Chuck Ruehle and Telescopes to Tanzania project: November 9, 2011 The 2011 Telescopes to Tanzania trip was from October 4 to October 27 th . Upon arrival on the 5 th of October , Tareto Nassari and Pastor Fredrick Pallangyo greeted me at the airport and took me to the Guest House in Usa River.  I spent the night there and collected up the resources that Mama was keeping for me. Last June, the Our Saviors, Oconomowoc and Fox point delegations carried about 125 pounds of equipment in for me.  The Vernon delegation (arriving on October 6... Read More...