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Jul 30

Moon Eclipse and Mars opposition

Here at Ramillies, we had an event... First, I was called by our national frenchspeaking radiostation to talk about the total Mooneclipse (the same morning)...We had sent press files for an event at Ramillies and at the spot, we had a pizza supper....We knew it wasn't going to be clear weather..In fact there were many lightnings and clouds (no rain nor thunder)...But cars kept coming and coming with whole families !!!!!!!!!! I was very much surprized by the number of visitors....We saw nothing ! It's only on the way back home that I noticed the last phases of the eclipse... Read More...

Apr 23

JDA and Stargazing Night 2018 april 21

Astrovega and Astronamur had their Stargazing Night (and day) at Ramillies Belgium on saturday 21. It was about observing the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter....It was happening the same day as our Journée découverte de l'astronomie (JDA) or astronomy discovery day... Plenty of telescopes, plenty of bikers being curious, plenty of members... I spent more than ten hours at the site, with my Nexstar Evolution 6.. It was great, even though the sky was kind of misty and we never could see many stars... We had new members with their scopes asking how they work. And we had a... Read More...

Jul 06

A tale of 3 eclipses

Hi, In august 2017, in the US, we'll witness a total solar eclipse….. I read that it's going to be the most observed one, ever…. Well, let me tell you about the previous Saros….. Decades ago, in Europe, long before the turn of the Century, scientific and esoteric publications told the story of the upcoming august 11 1999 Total Solar Eclipse, crossing the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Iran, India, etc… Even in 1959, a famous flemish weatherman gave an appointment with his viewers in 1999 for the Solar Eclipse… In 1998, I went to Guadeloupe for the february 26... Read More...

Apr 08

Astronomy in Belgium

Hello, I'm the belgian AWB coordinator, president of an amateur astronomy club at Gembloux (frenchspeaking side). We do take part to GAM events when it's possible (it might be the case tonight!)..The weather is very umpredictable, though. Since late 2014, thanks to one of our members, Serge, we've been able to use a place for astronomy at a village called Ramillies (it was a battlefield in 1706 between the forces of Duke of Marlborough and the forces of Louis XIV (the latter lost)). We see hikers, bikers, horseback riders, drivers crossing our area and when we are there, they come... Read More...

Aug 19

Nights of the Shooting stars 2016 ! A fabulous year !

Hi, From august 6th till august 15th, I went to 7 different events at 6 different locations. First, in a mediaval castle (Le chateau de Moha in the Liege province...About 50 people (families) with lots of children); Great time.. Then at our vewing site at Ramillies..A young couple with 2 children arrived there too..We saw the Milky Way. Then a rapid succession of events: the Royal Observatory of Belgium at Uccle (about 600 persons and only 10 telescopes so lots of queuing and lots of planets, stars, the Moon and ISS. The Eurospace Center at Redu under rain but lots... Read More...

Jan 24

GAM 2016

This year, Global Stargazing Night will take place the same day and night as the big 10th anniversary event of the Fédération Francophone d'Astronomes Amateurs de Belgique and from what I've heard and shared it's going to be huge! The FFAAB will be in charge of the Eurospace Center and lots of publicity will be made. All we need is good weather... Read More...

Sep 29

Lunar eclipse from Ramillies, Belgium

Here in Belgium, the weather was also very clear (but damp )and foggy early in the morning. We appeared on our frenchspeaking commercial national TV station RTL-TVI: The field of Ramillies (it was a battlefield between the Duke of Marlborough and Louis XIV in mei 1706) is our favorite observation area: when it was full moon, the entire area was lit up by its glare but once the Moon got hidden by Earth's shadow, we could even see the Milky Way and numerous stars around the Moon ! This was the longest Moon eclipse I experienced and also at... Read More...

Apr 18

Sun Day 2015

Hello, On sunday april 12, I mailed friends froml 4 different astronomy clubs in Wallonia and Brussels to observe the Sun from a parking place in Gembloux (that way, no need  for authorization, room enough and well located. It lasted from 13:30 till 16:15  (I got a sunburn) and we had 2 PSTs and one telescope with a fillter. I managed to have people from those 4 clubs (and their children) who often diddn't know each other (Astrovega, Astronamur, CAO and Latitude 5050). The sun wasn't as spectacular as a week later, but it sure was a discovery for those... Read More...

Apr 09

Partial solar eclipse march 20

On march 20th, I went to a village called Grand-Leez near Gembloux and animated the event in a school with several other members of the club. We had no luck with the weather but had many children visiting the classroom where we had 2 screens showing the live event on internet from the Faroe Islands. It was a great event and the local TV was there and we were able to show to the other clubs what actually happened during that morning.   The next day, we were in Brussels in another school for the Astronomy Discovery Day and... Read More...